Shiny Dialga (and some other stuff)

Our speculation was right…(well those of us who speculated this were right) It’s fair to say I’m seriously excited!!!


I was hoping for a signature move…but oh well, half people would say " they will first release the shiny and on a couple of years the signature move for maximum profit"…I know the most people would be happy for the new shiny legendaries, but personally I would only spend the daily passes.

I suppose that at least I will farm xl candies for bastiodon, I really like to use one to get my free elite tm on pvp.

Yass - I just got the in-game notification and came here to congratulate those who guessed right. Looks like a shiny Heracross is also appearing.

Ho-Oh is still desperately waiting for its signature move, they definitely won’t give Dialga’s first.

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I suppose that at least I will farm xl candies for bastiodon, I really like to use one to get my free elite tm on pvp.

Look for the positives like that. This game regularly disappoints but as long as there’s something good out there,or on the horizon, it’s still fun, at least that’s how I see it.

@KhaleesiSB definitely happy about heracross, it’s another shiny, another future mega too so I can work on my complete mega-shiny collection.

Hmm. I didn’t raid Dialga during GoFest because it was all about Yveltal, Regigigas, and Ray for me. I’m not sure if I’ll spring for this one either. My ML Dialga is maxed and double moved, so it would take a bunch of XL to make a migration out of Master’s Classic worth it. Don’t think I’m down for that commitment yet.

Suppose a free pass per day plus your free remote or two depending on how your field research falls would see you up to 45-50 xl or so? Seeing as the shiny has been taken out of the packet now, they might roll it out a bit more often - they weren’t shy about it with heatran and Co.

I never invested in one before because I had/have so many dragons already but I’m a sucker for a shiny.

Yeah with my luck I’ll get a shiny when I’m not even hunting. I got shiny Mewtwo a few days ago that way, just because there were no other raids around when I had a minute so I had to join a Mewtwo.

Didn’t even know it’s already started and just was lucky @ GBL


I’m also very pleasantly suprised by the frequency of Cranidos spawns, lots of Beldum for more XL is welcome too.

I did 4 sets this morning and went 3-2; 3-2; 4-1; 3-2…finishing in up in afternoon and started 3-0…no raids, one GBL encounter.

Using Politoed WB+EQ; Skarmory; Vigoroth in open Great

I’ve done quite a few raid on purpose with no luck, then 2 back to back random invites during work (yay for still working from home) this afternoon and this happened…


Im dissapointed with spawn. Partly Cloudy weather, and no single Shieldon spawn today yet, despite i walked few kms. Only few Cranidos. Mostly Kabuto, omanyte or usual junks like Sentret, Bunnelby.

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I’m seeing quite a few shieldon, but I know only too well the pain of the spawn lottery. May your numbers come up soon.