Shiny Nidoran


I got shiny Nidoran last night. How rare is it and what can I trade it for?


It is as rare as any other non-raid/non-CD shiny (fairly rare, that is) and to me it’s worth anything that is a mere collectible.


Quite disagree. Pidgey, Rattata or Zigzagoon are also non-raid and non- CD shinies, but you meet them lots often, than things like Nidos. Depends on biome, its quite rare.

The rarest shiny are mons, that are usually rare in the wild, like Saybleye, Drifloon


Further disagree. The rarest shiny pokemon are the ones that were not dropped as part of an event. I’m not sure if all of the events (or any of them) have boosted rates, but they often seem to, as many (many many) people seem to get the new shiny on the first day it comes out.

However some shiny pokemon don’t come out as part of some event, and are just phantom-dropped. I believe Krabby was an example. So these shiny pokemon should theoretically be the most rare (unless of course they’re ultra-common spawns).

Then, there’s baby pokemon on top of that. Shiny baby pokemon are probably much more rare. ESPECIALLY shiny baby pokemon with event hats.

I’d say the order would be:
shiny baby with event hat (like shiny hat Pichu) > rarer pokemon phantom drops > shiny baby without boosted event > regular phantom drops > rarer pokemon non-CD event shiny > shiny baby with an event > common phantom drops > regular pokemon non-CD event shiny > common pokemon non-CD event shiny > CD pokemon.


Difficult question to answer that has many different variables. If you know someone who really likes Nidoran/something in that evolutionary line, they’ll be a lot more interested than someone who doesn’t care about shinies in general.

To that point, it also depends on the type of player. If you’re dealing with someone who’s super “I need meta relevant, eff everything else” then they’re not going to be interested. If you’re dealing with a hardcore shiny hunter who doesn’t have a shiny Nidoran, they’ll be interested.


Is there some event going on with these? I caught two shiny Nidoran-F’s in a row today. So, either they are common right now, or I had ridiculous luck.


Just luck