Shiny pokemon question


I don’t know if there is an answer to this but any opinion will help me understand. My question is:

When you are playing PGo and you tap a pokemon to catch, the probability of getting a shiny is individual for every pokemon?

For example today with horsea spotlight hour. I decided to only tap horseas because I believe that if I tap another pokemon it will take away the chance of a shiny for the one I’m looking. And unfortunately, I think that happened to me. I accidentally tapped a trapinch and it was shiny! I was only tapping horseas. That means that if I had tapped a horsea instead of that trapinch it was going to be shiny? Or shiny rates are individual for each pokemon?

Hope I explained myself and thank you. Every opinion is really appreciated.

P.s: Sorry for my English if I made a grammar mistake. It’s not my language :sweat_smile:

They’re individual for each Pokemon.

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doesn’t work that way

you were just lucky



Thank you! Now I understand better.

Hi! Thanks for your explanation. I was looking at my shiny trapinch with a side eye lol poor thing. Now I’m gonna tap everything!

Have a good day :upside_down_face:

Ironicaly, i ever wanted a shiny trapich, but i have found a shiny horsea today :(

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Yeah, the shiny taste varies from trainer to trainer. A shiny horsea is awesome! Congrats! You still can get a shiny trapinch. Good luck! :upside_down_face: