Shiny rayquaza V.S Mewtwo: Who to invest in

So I have a little problem. I have a Shiny Rayquaza (My favorite shiny), and also a mewtwo that I want to invest in, but have only 250k dust. I also don’t do raids that often, so I have limited rare candy. So which one do I power up? (The Rayquaza’s ivs are 13/12/12, and the mewtwo’s are 15/15/13)

Does the Mewtwo have Psystrike? How many Charged TMs do you have?

I have both of those maxed, so I’m not going to say “I wouldn’t do either of those” BUT also make sure you have the relevant pokemon that handle multiple Rocket leaders and/or for masters PvP if that does get bigger in the future. IMO Rayquaza and Mewtwo aren’t difference makers in those arenas.

Yeah, but I would still do the Mewtwo if Psystrike–I’m limited on resources right now, too but obviously no hesitation when I got a 15/15/15; 15/15/13 is basically the same

He does have psystrike, and I have no TMs right now

Then mewtwo is better wait what are their Stats are

1st of all, what is your playing style? You are a shiny collector? A raider? A Gym defender? An everything-a-bit player?
I dont know much info about you so I just say I will recommend you to invest in the M2 Psystrike. He is a good gym clearing, a bit useful in raid (for the next couple months) and also a good counter for Rocket Team Leader.
If you are just a collector, then max out any pokemons that you like.

Rayquaza has a lot of weaknesses and not too much health I advise mewtwo

For legendary raids, Rayquaza is the clear winner, as the optimal counter to seven legendaries compared to just one for Psystrike Mewtwo, but in most other PvE roles (generalist gym attacker and Team Rocket counter), Psystrike Mewtwo is far better.

I also have a 14/ 12/14 Dialga thinking of powering up for pvp. Would that be worth it?

I have a maxed 15/15/14 Dialga (same stats as 15/15/15) with Dragon Breath/Iron Head+DracoMeteor. I use it everyday. One of the 5 or 6 Pokemon I use everyday, Psystrike Mewtwo and Rayquaza much less use…might change a bit when I can afford to get the Psystrike a 2nd move. It IS a big investment, so keep on saving til you can be happy with your choice

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I am a casual player who plays a little bit of everything

Considering that I myself use my Dragonite way more than any Mewtwo against rocket grunts, but the other way around for raids, that’s a difficult point. As a generalist for raids, Psystrike Mewtwo hits stronger, but Rayquaza can be used more often due to the fact that dragon is rarely resisted. The resistances of a dragon are also very helpful in rocket grunts battles, but it hits mostly for neutral damage (it’s not often super effective).

In my opinion, as a pure psychic attacker, psystrike Mewtwo doesn’t need to be powered up very far. Lvl 30, maybe even lvl 25 could be enough for solo raids and occasional grunts targets. If you want a generalist, I would favor Ray. Bonus points because it’s your favorable shiny, so you’ll enjoy using it, which is the point of a game :wink:

There is, however, an asset for Mewtwo that Rayquaza doesn’t have: coverage. If you unlock a second charge move, Mewtwo has many interesting options that can allow you in the end to hit a lot of targets. Two moves is a really good asset in rocket battles. But, since you mentioned having no TMs (psychic and hyperbeam would need to get rid of, if you happened to land on them) and not a lot of rare candies, that may not be a reasonable objective (I didn’t do it myself :wink:).

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