Shiny Timburr question

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Once again I’m on request of your advice. I always wanted a shiny Timburr. After more than one hundred raids I got it. It has average stats and according to the calculator it’s a 78%. I already have a 100% Conkeldurr but I want a shiny one.

My question: Is it worth powering it up and evolve? I have the means, candy and stardust. Or should I try to wait for another one or trade it. Although it’s hard to trade nowadays.

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Personally, I‘d wait for a Lucky Trade where you can do a Shiny Timburr Swap, because those IVs wouldn‘t really make the cut for me. You‘d also save 200 candy for the evolution to Conkeldurr, and also save dust which you could use for another Pokemon. But that‘s just how I would do it. If you really want it and want it as soon as possible, I‘d say just go for it.


Niantic really needs to just delete the Appraisal button. Conkeldurr is useful right now in Darkrai raids. IVs are not important. If you have the candy and stardust to evolve and power it up, go for it.

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What about all the shundos? People won’t be able to brag about them anymore if Niantic gets rid of the appraisal button’

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For milking every last bit of damage, hitting every possible break/bulkpoint, and short-manning raids, IV’s are important. If you’re above a 10/10/10 floor (which all raid mons are) you’re already pretty set. The difference between 10 & 15 atk IV is negligible in most cases :woman_shrugging: and as @Sir_Gwibbles mentioned, Conkeldurr is useful immediately against Darkrai and is one of (if not) the best DPS/TDO fighting option in the game rn

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For milking every last bit of damage, hitting every possible break/bulkpoint, and short-manning raids, IV’s are important.

I’d be willing to bet 99% of the players in the PoGo forum don’t short-man raids.


That was my point lol, I shortman quite often and even then only prioritize maxing out higher-IV mons if I don’t have a respective shiny of that kind :woman_shrugging: The amount of time and resources it takes to fully utilize pokemon in that fashion is insane…

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I do it if I’m forced to.

Was just forced to do a close call on a 5 man Mega Gengar invite.

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It’s like asking, do you want a cool looking car that performs okay, or do you want an okay looking car that performs well. It’s really just personally preference. I’m not sure if asking this kind of question on a forum can really change your decision.

If you’re asking the difference between 100% and 12/11/12 in PvE, it’s not much. It’s very very unlikely that you’d fail a raid because of IV.

If you’re taking it to Master League in PvP, 12/11/12 is a significant disadvantage. You might tank 2-3 less hits from opponent compared to a 100%, and those 2-3 hits could get you to the next charged move. You’ll also lose mirror matches.

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Thank you! :)

Thanks! Sometimes we can get obsessed about IVs lol

I’m still waiting for a Shundo! I hope it comes soon ;)

Thanks for your answer and for the explanation :)

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Thanks for your answer! :) Whenever I asked a question here, it really helped me reading all opinions. It’s very interesting to see all points of views and angles of the players. For example, your answers helped me realize that for PvP I should use my 100% and for PvE my 12/11/12 would do just fine. Cheers!