I recently finished playing Shimosa, and a question occurred to me. Has the resemblance between Muramasa, Amakusa, EMIYA, and Angra Mainyu ever been brought up in game? I know they’ve made jokes about Seiba-faces (witness Saber Wars), but what about Shirou-faces? It just occurred to me as interesting because of how Muramasa ultimately faced off against Avenger Amakusa.

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These two are based on the same person, but EMIYA is the real guy whereas Muramasa is just summoned using Shirou’s body.

This is spoiler territory for another fate entry but

Hollow Ataraxia Spoilers

In one of the VNs Angra takes on the appearance of Shirou on purpose so there’s that, yeah.

I have literally no idea

EMIYA the servant IS Shirou Emiya, but older and summoned as a part of the Counter Force. Watch UBW, FSN, or Heaven’s Feel for a more in depth explanation on how that works. But the short version is that he got so skilled with his special magic that he was inducted into the Counter Force, to protect humanity against things that seek to destroy it - like the big bad of FGO.

Muramasa got summoned in Shirou’s body the same way Ishtar got summoned in Rin’s. And Parvati got summoned in Sakura’s body. They’re called Pseudo-servants. It just happens to be Shirou because of the similarities in their abilities. People either not strong enough to be true servants, or gods/goddesses too strong to be summoned in their natural forms.

Angry Mango has a reason, explained in Hollow Ataraxia. I don’t remember what it is, but I know it’s somewhere.

Amakusa’s name is literally Amakusa Shirou. They probably gave him shirouface solely because of his name (there was an actual guy named Amakusa Shirou, which is who the servant is based on).

Muramasa is a pseudo-servant, like Mash. So that’s the actual body of Shirou.

The resemblance of EMIYA is is the plot of Fate/Stay Night’s Unlimited Blade Works route.

Angry Mango’s resemblance is the plot of Fate/Hollow Atraxia.

Amakusa kinda looks like him a little, but no resemblance is ever explicitly stated like the others. Maybe it was just to throw people off since he has ‘Shirou’ as his middle name and they’re both Japanese.

Mash is a Demi-Servant though, which is different.


Shirou face needed! I support this movement. I haven’t yet finished Shimosa so this will be my only remark (in order to avoid spoilers).

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Indeed! It would be pretty niche as a game mechanic, but the term fits right in with this many! :fgo_naruhodo:

Perhaps the day we get Muramasa or some other form of Shirou as a servant it actually happens…

Shirou Wars Episode IV

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emiya archer doesnt even have shirou face




I’ve never considered Emiya Shirou and Amakusa Shirou to have a similar or even clone face.
Though Amakusa’s alias (Shirou Kotomine) was definitely purposefully done to grab the attention of old school Fate fans. The ‘coincidence’ is too perfect.


Yeah, I meant, like, anyone else. Sorry.

*Same chin, though. Old no-name has seen a lot of crap in his time, hence the difference to Emiya-kun (white hair, GAR looks, etc.)

It’s anime, every chin is the same



Re:chins, weird, also I don’t see it. Emiya’s chin is way more pointed.

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The general point of very similar looking faces in animu not withstanding, it’s not entirely implausible that his features would grow more gaunt with time, face more pointed, etc.

Else, maybe it’s a matter not of someone growing to become GAR but GAR becoming you? :fgo_illya:

Ignoring Takeuchi sameface syndrome I think Archer looks like Shirou when he isn’t combing his hair back


But I don’t think Amakusa looks like Shirou at all.

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And let us all pretend extella Archer doesn’t even exist at all

Hiding image due to it being too ugly


I saw that and it doesn’t count

They drastically changed his facial features for that scene

People can change drastically over time in the Fate setting. Exhibit A: Sakura.

I mean, magic, amirite?

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His facial features should change somewhat.

Archer is older and it is par for course in any type of cartooning to make older characters have narrower eyes and longer noses/faces.

Given the limitations of Japanese animation tradition and Takeuchi style in particular you really can’t get closer than that.

Of course, it is for those same reasons I think calling Jeanne d’arc an Artoria face is stupid…

Why can’t Caster Gilles get some of that magic surgery (do we have a Jack in the room?) and fix that disaster that is his face?

Then again, I don’t think I want a good-looking Gilles. I think we’re supposed to hate him in every way possible.

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