yeah but I dont think unless you have the knowledge theyre the same person, without any context clues, there is no resemblance

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Oh I agree.

Of course, in the visual novel they give us those context clues. If you are getting familiar with fate via the animes or FGO they aren’t as apparent.

About the closest fgo gets is Emiya’s second ascension; and like you said, I don’t see people getting that connection.



So like… Does becoming a counter-guardian turn your hair white, or is it just a trend? Because it seems to have happened to both Shirou and Kiritsugu.


dont forget you get a spray tan


Ah HA! That’s it! The Throne of Heroes must have a lovely private beach!


To be honest, I initially thought this whole topic was just another by-product of the typical “manga artist curse”, as I like to call it.


Surely many of you have noticed how in manga and anime artists often tend to depict most males with one type of face and most females with another type of face. In the most extreme of cases, having only one type of face among both males and females, making it even weirder. This is made apparent If you ignore the crazy hair colour choices and overly apparent cosmetic accessories, making many of these characters look exactly the same. In anime, fortunately, they are given a voice which gives them yet another distinctive feature.

Basically this means that because of “the curse” it is only understandable that, since most if not all characters in the original F/SN were designed by Takeuchi, it is only natural that the various male characters share the exact (or very similar) facial features.

Of course, needless to say that this doesn’t apply to Amakusa, since it’s not even the same artist. It’s more of a name choice, which is clearly made on purpose.


I read somewhere recently that Disney artists claimed that it’s extremely difficult to have many female characters in their films, because getting them to look distinct while maintaining the “Disney aesthetics” is hard. I believe this was in reference to the Frozen sequel, correct me if I am wrong.


I think I heard about that complaint against Disney long before Frozen ever came out.

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I don’t doubt it. Seems unlikely that it’s a new issue for them.

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Highlander-Emiya is gorgeous, fight me. :fgo_daishouri:

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In animation they have a rule or something about character design called the Silhouette Test.

If you can tell who a character is just by their Silhouette, that means it is a good design. A lot of more modern Disney Heroines fail that test because they are too generic.

Movies like Pocahontas and Hunchback of Notre Dame having several characters being major offenders.

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To each their own.

If you like him that is all that matters!

In EXTRA, EMIYA/Nameless says that his skin changed colour through thaumaturgy/magic. I imagine the hair is probably the same.


Must be the same magic potion Amakusa used:

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It’s specifically mentioned that the way Shirou uses magic burns out his body and does that.
He’s got a white shock by the end of HF, and it’s why EMIYA Alter is darker. I don’t know why Kerry has that color scheme though.

On the topic about the skin, supposedly the use of magic actually gets to burn the pigments in your skin and I assume the hair aswell. I think we’re supposed to apply that reasoning to every CF guardian.
And DEmiya also has that reason as to why he’s got a darker skin tone, being he uses more magic than regular Emiya.

Probably too much Time Accel usage.