Shop Till You Drop! The Akihabara Discussion Thread!

Time for another Tower event! You’re not allowed inside the main venue until you reach that premium status and prove you have both the money and the lack of control to spend it all! Get shopping you peasants!

This event comes with a new Beserker: Galatea. See her details here: Galatea General Discussion


I know it would defeat the point of the event. But just once I want the party to decide, “You know what? We don’t have time for this.” And fight straight through. If we can summon all the servants to go shopping, why not just start a war with them all instead?


Always liked these events but i don’t know how to feel about locking DMG CEs behind gacha… hopefully they won’t be needed so i can focus on bond farming instead.


The last tower event was a pain cuz, my roster is small and I don’t have good ces. Now I have max asc almost all of my servant and have 2 kscope the event is a breeze.


I’m just running bond and haven’t had a problem so far.


So far not enjoying the story. Not a fan of the setting and also it looks like it gonna be nero focused.

Only good part is this image :fgo_shutenthink:


I simultaneously love and hate tower-climber events like this. I love them, because it’s one of the very few opportunities I get to flex my whole roster, but I hate them, because (especially early on) it takes more time switching out the servants after every battle than the battle itself, the whole thing is a timesink in general, and I’m just annoyed by the forced gimmick-battles with NPC rosters.


Made me think of:

Source: The Office TV show


Watching The Office but with servants would be hilarious!


dont know who the designer/artist is for these npcs but i really hope he/she draws more fgo servants


Reminds me of some akiba’s STRIP character art. :feh_navarreculture:

I miss that game.


Also as 30 Rock and Friends as well. :+1::v:

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Enjoying the event so far with Umu, Erice and Galatea. A trio of favorites there interacting and batty adds spice too. Statue coming to life narrative is set solidly at the forefront here, Umu included. Also, wondering if this will a foreshadowing for the future.

Welcoming any space themed events. :eyes:

Could have guessed off of her expression but it felt as though MC did a bit of 4th wall mind reading there. Well, looking forward to see how the story unfolds. :fgo_megane:


No need for those gacha CEs, Main attacker with Superscope + two extra (and they got bond CEs, one from ladder clears).

Not a fan of 1AP runs and I had to go and spend AP elsewhere, because I leveled up. Good thing about this types of events is that you’ll be using all your servants.


Already made to floor 20 now and I’m already finding harder and harder to keep going. I wish they would just place exp rewards in the present box instead of inventory due to overflow from previous lotto events. I had to burn my exp just to continue more further. :catsupine:


Hate the event. Really hate the event.

Just taking it slow and bond farming this event. So 6 member party with as much bond CE that I can put.


I feel you… Alt is fine as it got multiple new servants, but for Main there has been none, so Present box/Second Archive/Inventory are full of embers. I also had to sell about hundred or more to be safe.

Cheapest way to get bond with full bond CE team (6-slot and 1AP run), would/will get even more with those ladder bond CEs.


I was feeling a little tired and then :fgo_umu:
The lovely intro added a smile on my face.

It’s going to be interesting to see if I’m going to level any of the missing 3* and below in this event or if I’m just gonna continue like usual. Also, found out that I still have 3* and below at 0 bond.

I had forgotten how this ladder worked aka stamps thresholds gives the rewards, and 1AP steps so I should continue farming on the side. I welcome the free bond points though.


I thought this was good

I can totally relate to this.


I wonder if the devs had a certain game series in mind or it was just a general thought.


So I took a look at the back of the model shop. What’s for sale?

Far right cabinet: pictures of mats. I see a Great Knight Medal, an Arrowhead of Malice, and I’m pretty sure that’s a Homonculus Baby on the bottom left. Not sure what some of the other items are.

Ridertoki’s belt below it, of course.

I don’t know whose sword is in the cabinet behind it; can anyone read the calligraphy?

The cabinet in the back contains figures of Majin Okita Souji Alter and Babbage.

The models in the cabinet on the left don’t look like FGO at all though. Does anyone recognize them?