Should I be building BK differently?

I made a post about my Black Knight earlier today, and it got me thinking about whether or not this is the right build for him. I have one fodder each of Brave Hector, Brave Ike, Surtr, and Legendary Tiki, so Bold Fighter, Steady Stance 4/Breath, and Fierce Breath are all options. I figured 40 speed was enough to warrant Special Fighter. He also already has Vengeful Fighter as well, but I’m not sure that skills useful anymore.

Bonus points for anyone who has suggestions on increasing his Distant Counter capabilities!

What outside buffs is he usually getting?

And why not give him a speed and/or resistance Bond to increase his survivability?

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Buffs are Def Tactic, Even Atk wave, and Armor March. Thinking about implementing a Odd/Even Res Wave or Res Tactic into the team somehow. It would honestly help my whole team to get a res buff

How important is fixing that RES to you?

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I mean pretty important if I’m going to justify keeping Alondite on him

The problem is…22 is REALLY low. Even if you have Brazen A/R 3 x2 active with RES wave, that’s still only 42 RES. Every blue nuker can still kill you.

Ppffft yeah I’m not worried about fixing blue mages I know he’s already toast against them, really I just want him to survive some of the weaker red tomes/dragons

Ophelia kills literally everything lol

Special Fighter is really only good with Slaying Edge

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I wasn’t just thinking Ophelia. Even something like Odin or Rein or F!Delthea would delete you if your max RES is 42 at 80% HP. I’m fairly certain Nowi with Bonus Doubler could too.

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Well regardless like I said I’m not worried about that

Vs. Red, hmm…I think you should aim to not get 1HKO’d by Lilina or Bonus Doubler Nah, and your existing build does that (unless she has swordbreaker, in which you really can’t do much about it). Tharja would still crush you without DD4, HS!Michiah/Idunn destroys you without Svalinn, so you probably should ignore those three, but most red dragons actually aren’t that fast to 1HKO though trying to engage a Sothis on PP without Black Luna is not recommended.

I’d suggest Fortress D/R 3 in your A slot though. Just rely on black luna to kill.

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Would Distant Defense 4 work well too? I guess that’s only enemy phase though, plus no dragons

Depends on the enemy, but yes, that’s okay too. However, TMFM has a point too. Without Slaying Edge+ and DC (or Alondite with Special Spiral), you have the problem that Black Luna will not trigger reliably on EP with Special Fighter. You can try to “cheat” the system by having QP in your seal slot, but that only works once.

Ehh, thinking about this some more, I think the best build that satisfies all your needs is Alondite/Warding Stance 4/Spiral 3

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Sorry if I don’t quite understand, what makes you say Special Fighter won’t reliably trigger Black Luna on Enemy Phase? Are you saying he’s not fast enough to double?

Black Luna has 3 CD.
Enemy attacks you.
You now have 1 CD.
You attack.
You now have it charged.
If you do not double, the target does not die.

With Slaying Edge+ (SPD refine) and DC…not only do you get 3 more speed,

Black Luna now has 2 CD.
Enemy attacks you.
You now have 0 CD.
You attack with Black Luna, target dies.

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