Should I be summoning for Mirabilis?

I heard she’s going to be a meta-influential unit in AR and I don’t have her on my main account since Waifu Say’ri was my primary focus there and she was my guaranteed summon. Mirabilis was my guaranteed pick on my f2p account, but that’s because I didn’t have any defensive Mythics there. On my main account, I already have a Thrasir and Duma working alongside Legendary Azura and so far I haven’t lost too much lift this season with only 2 losses. I could try to go for her as I wouldn’t mind getting merges on Say’ri, but there are a couple of things that make me a bit apprehensive on continuing to summon.

  1. The upcoming Double Special Banner might include Winter Marth who I don’t need, but I do want him. And there’s also the upcoming summer banners and if one of those has Ayra or Tsubasa I will cave hard for them.
  2. All of the 5 stars I got while going for the 40th summon were all off-focus dupes. 1 Lene, 1 Nagi, 1 +Atk Mamori, 1 -Spd Phina and 1 +Spd Karla. These aren’t bad and I did get a lot of 5 stars, especially compared to my f2p account where I only got 1 Karla. However, I do feel all of these pity-breakers are a sign that I shouldn’t go any further.

If this already works, then you don’t really need Mirabilis on your team. If you’re worried about meta-shifting, you’d be looking at your offense teams instead.

It’s a different story if you like her as a unit though. She cute.

Edit: I feel like she nerfs tanking a lot more than other strats. Trying to dodge debuffs can be doable on the other strats, but there are ways to make sure a tank gets debuffs from simple setup.


She’s good but far from meta changing. Especially since you already have 2 anima mythics, one of which is Thrasir

I advise you not to spend


I think you’re fine. Mirabilis is really good, but if your defense works, then don’t fix what isn’t broken.

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I admit I do like her design, probably because of the colors. But that’s not the reason I would summon for her.

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You could say that again


She’s my spirit animal.


But shes also my daughter


Thrasir, Duma and L!Azura sound plenty competent already. But Mira does offer a nice +5 Res Mythic boost and a pretty nifty debuff game. She will also help reduce lift loss which is not something L!Azura can do. You don’t need to summon for Mira though, to answer the question.

If you feel a need to improve your Anima Defense, sure.
If you don’t then don’t :feh_legion:

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She’s going to be on the next legendary banner, so wait. Instead of 3% in red hell, you’ll have 8% without ant chance of off-focus pity breaks

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It’s just another red hell though, but it’s advisable if OP wanted Sothis as well. Third red unit could be pretty gud too.

It may be 8% base chance on the Legendary banner, but there’s far more color sharing on those banners. It’s actually slightly worse odds to get one hero on a L/M banner (8% / 12 = 0.67%) vs a typical 4-hero banner (3% / 4 = 0.75%). But you do have to deal with pitybreakers on the latter.

I would say if Say’ri is desirable for KS3 and/or CC fodder, this is still not a bad banner to pull for Mira on. But regardless, in OP’s situation it doesn’t seem like pulling for Mira is needed.

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Including the free 10 pulls, you’re only gonna spend 90 orbs for a guaranteed 5★ pick.
Weigh your options and/or priorities. :3 goodluck

Except that there are three red units.

I’d say go for her, I got lucky and she’s awesome. Her utility is too good to pass up, but she does have trouble surviving even with those high defenses. I’m considering removing fort def/res.


I’m still lowish in AR (just made it to T19 today) but I slapped Mirabilis + Thrasir on my defense team and they completely annihilated the poor sap who attacked me a few hours ago so they make a dangerous duo, especially to the unprepared. :feh_birbpeek:

I may have pulled F-Ike at the perfect time… He thrives off the debuff meta.


I have her and she’s not really that good /: I dunno why people are saying she’s gonna meta shift.

It’s about how she’ll act on AR-D. Offensively she sucks. It’s about broad sweeping -Atk/Def on all the foes and on top of that spectrum debuffing them further WHILE being a dancer.

She’s great for players who were sold on Thrasir but not sold on the other two options for anima, especially if they were only running 0-1 mythics and l! azura or something. Give her ground orders/aesobatics and she fits seamlessly into almost any team.