Should I bother with Caides gearsets?

Hello there,
I’d like to get a second opinion about the fairly “recent” Caides gear sets and if I should bother farming/crafting these. At the moment I don’t see a reason or any specific hero, who would benefit from any of these sets more than from the “older” ones, but maybe I’m missing something.

Revenge set (4 pieces): Flat 10% speed increase and then 0.5% more for each 1% of health lost, seemingly without upper cap. A hero would need to drop to at least 70% health to receive the same benefit as a regular speed set (which is a flat 25% increase).
In arena, you usually want to outspeed the enemy team from the start, because otherwise you’ll often be crowd controlled or immediately wiped out. Nor do you want to have low HP, ever, at all, in any mode. Plus, even if you do eventually increase your speed, the hero still needs some decent stats to do their job, because even with all the speed in the world, if you hit like a wet noodle, you’re useless as dps. So is it a set for support healers then? But these often benefit much more from HP/immunity/resistance/speed sets.
In short, I can’t think of a single hero or scenario, where this set would be preferable over the regular speed set.

Injury (4 pieces): after attacking, decreases enemy’s max HP by up to 5%, capped at 50% and only works in PVP and not on PVE bosses. Similar argument as for for revenge set, you’d normally want speed in PVP to go first or at least be durable enough to survive long enough to land a few attacks.
In my opinion, this set would ideally look good on some AoE dps, like Tenebria or Dizzy or Seaside Bellana to affect the entire enemy team. But that would be at the cost of said hero’s survivability and possibly damage, which you don’t want. Even so, it will still take a few turns for the effect to kick in completely. The only workable option for this set would be one of those annoying zombie teams in arena, like Angelica with Idol cheer+ Roana with Touch of Rekos +Krau with holy sacrifice artifact + some AoE DPS (SSB, Arbiter Vildred, Dizzy, Tenebria).
But…Why would you even waste time with a zombie team if you can try to overpower the enemies much faster?

Lastly, Penetration set (2 pieces) :wink: : When attacking with a single attack, bypasses 10% of target’s defense and cannot be stacked with multiple sets. This is the only set of the 3 I can sort of see working in combination with attack or destruction set, but why should I pick it over the trusty crit for PvE or immunity set for PvP?
For starters, on paper it works best with heroes with a lot of single target attacks. Except more than half of these benefit far more from attack+crit (Luna, Kises, Cermia and the like), destruction+crit (Karins, Sol, Baiken, many others) or even attack+hit (Baiken again, Sigret, maybe Tenebrias).
Like, I can probably imagine giving it to some ST hero, who doesn’t have any gimmicks or reliance on crits or landing debuffs and cannot possibly get close to 100% crit chance with their gear’s substats. But which heroes does it actually leave as possible options? Wouldn’t it just be easier to compensate this 10% extra damage with higher attack stat or higher crit damage as substats on health/def/resistance/immunity set, since these sets are far more common?

In summary, is there any reason to make an effort to farm/craft any of these sets or can I safely ignore them as I’ve been doing until now? And if these sets actually do outperform the older sets in some cases, what heroes benefit from them the most and in which content?

Based on mine and general consensus. Caides is a waste of time.

The revenge and injury set suck because right now Speed sets are just way too good, the exception are Immunity sets. Penetration is alright simply because it’s 2 sets

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Only set thats ok is penetration, and even then only heros who have def pen. in there skill set like Kise or that guy Gunther who can’t crit but can up his atk by half with his passive could use it decently