Should i buy hoshi.. while having nian and saria?

Got saria on TOP op tag… love it… but now my yellow certi is 180… shoyld i buy hoshi?
Btw. I lack ground damager but my ranged damager is… well good.

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I am not a Nian player because I didn’t pull her (:sob:), but from what I saw I think she can replace Hoshiguma in many scenarios. I have Elite 2 Hoshi and she carried me hard during this CC event, so of course I would usually always recommend her. But the fact that you already have Nian leaves me with some doubts for your case.
I’d say you should buy Hoshi only if you have already at least 2 good operators for each role, meaning a well balanced team.

In my opinion it depends on what you’ll be needing I guess. If you have decent DPS guards covered (e.g. Astesia, Blaze, and Lapp) than instead you should probably focus on building defense-focused defender like Cuora and Nian, or build a healing defender like Saria and Nearl. If you need a dedicated ground DPS, you may want to develop a guard operator instead.
There’s no doubt about Hoshi’s damage while her skills are active (she can hit any number of enemies with S3, making her DPS potentially very high). On downtime, however, she’s just a defender with boosted vanilla prowess like passive Phys./Arts dodge and slightly increase DEF. In short, she’s a defender before she’s a ground DPS, and might not be the most consistent option to help boost your ground DPS.

TL;DR: Hoshi is a good defender that can occasionally bring more damage to the table, but she’s probably not the best choice if you want more consistent ground damage.

I hope this helps.

Exactly… i have nian… yes… but. Nian is still inferior to hoshi in terms of “who is the best defender between nian and hoshi” coz if we want a pure defender then… nian was not our choice… bit nian offer a lot… dps art, silence, blockplus, atk up, etc. That is why i hesitate… and fyi… i have a decent ranged damager… starting from angelina, executor, ifrit, eyja, schwarz, and meteorite. But lack of ground dps. Only spectre and broca. I have shining tho. Thats why i considered buying hoshi.

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The reason why i considered buying hoshi despite lacking ground dps aka guard… is because… i have ranged dps covered… eyja, ange, ifrit, executor, and schwarz. Thus having them blocking enemies while the ranged rain down their bullet is a very good option for me… coz i have shining… the only op that i considered as ground dps are only spectre and broca. Ooh melantha

Well if you have so many good six stars already, you can sacrifice your certs for Hoshi then. She is my best Defender at E2-40. I can guarantee for her. But be aware, you would probably end up forgetting about bae Nian after you’ll have Hoshi ahaha :feh_ceciliamug:

Well, if you are using the defenders mainly to block enemies (not considering helping to boost ground DPS), then I believe it wouldn’t matter much whether you use Hoshi or not, since other defender can fill that same role as well. The question lies in why you use that said defender to block the enemies in that stage, right?

Nian can block the same amount of enemies as Hoshi, but she mainly have skills deals Arts damage and have a plethora of defensive-oriented buffs.
Saria also have block 3, but she can do healing which enables self-sustain and can be crucial in stages where medics cannot be utilized effectively.
In that same regard, Hoshi also blocks 3, with her abilities primarily enables her to shift her role to physical DPS when needed.

That being said, I’m not dissuading you not to buy Hoshi. If you really want her then I see no reason not to. Just keep in mind what role you want your defender fill in that stage.

That make sense… about the other op xan fill that role… but yeah since hoshi can fill that role and also beinga pseufo dps… is what makes me drolling… and yeah. My playing style is play hard… so… ■■■■ it ill buy her… no instant easyness.
I arrived at ch6 with only 2 E2 and that is angelina and myrtle… no tutorial club

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Well i only have 7 ssr. And yeah no groynd dps

Hoshi is good, but for me, she is not the answer to your ground DPS need. Her DPS is relatively high in the realms of defenders, but she’s no substitute for guards’ DPS. If I were you, I’d stick with Nian as main tank. DPS-wise, crazy nun would be more effective IMO compared to Hoshi. So TLDR, keep your certz and wait for Blaze to come in the shop :grin:

I have Saria, Oshi and Nian and Vulcan (consider also her amongst the defenders, she’s good and soon available for everyone.

From experience, i suggest you to buy her.

Nian and Oshi are the best DEF Defenders of the game so far, so why being satisfied with only one?

The more good Tanks you have and can deploy, the better.

I suggest you to buy her and use her with Nian.

So here is my take on this…
Since you have 7 top operators, I believe that is enough for all the way to chapter 7 (it doesn’t matter which ones you have, having 7 SSR is literally enough for everything except perhaps for contingency contracts) So if you have Nian and Saria, Hoshi is not necessary when you are rushing through the whole story quest.
BUT!!! Ain’t she hot though? I mean, look at her new skin and all that…

Soooooo… In terms of utility, I don’t suggest you spending yellow tickets on it. But if you love her, go for it. There is a phrase in CN Arknights since day 1, that “no matter which operator it is, but if you can get a new operator out of your yellow ticket, that is a win.”

Hi, i know im 3 days late, but i want to offer you my opinion to your problem here… because my problem is even worse than you. i dont have any end game pure defensive tank, my tanks are E1 lvl 60 cuora and E1 lvl 60 liskarm, but i do have saria, just like you.

Now to my opinion, seeing that you’re already have nian, shining, and saria, i don’t see why you should buy hoshiguma using your yellow certs because Nian + Shining will cover up most of your tanking problem, and it will be much more better when they reached Elite 2. Saria could cover those situation where you cannot deploy medic, or you need extra healing power to survive.

I think you have more pressing matter to worry about, and that’s your lack of reliable ground dps. In this matter i suggest you to build your spectre, because she could provide you with pretty nice ground dps and hey, she could act as a pseudo defender too when she reached E2