Should I buy Shining from the shop to complement Aak?

Should I buy Shining from the shop to complement my Aak? Or should I keep saving up my certs to buy the HH permit bundles instead? I’m currently planning to pull for Bagpipe and W in the future.

I seem to have underestimated Aak’s damage on his S3 and he would sometimes kill my units unexpectedly. Is getting Shining solely for Aak’s buff worth it? If it isn’t, is it worth it to get her for her to complement my team instead? I currently have 209 golden certificates. Here are the characters that I use:

I would appreciate any thoughts and opinions on my question. English isn’t my first language so apologies for any grammatical mistakes or misunderstandings I might create. Thank you in advance for your help!

If you really really like using Aak and would always use the buff strat why not, otherwise its not really worth it. Warfarin is already good st healer and while Shining is a pretty good operator herself like tanking Patriot’s spear drop using certs would be kind of wasteful.

Have you read the “Aak attack” thread?
There is a good chart about operators able to survive Aak S3.

Ok this is my opinion only.
It’s better to have an operator able too survive without Shining’s boost for your strategy , in your case Silverash, Skadi, Specter with her s2 activated(fuuun) and Lappland and most of the defender can do it.(It’s not recommended with sniper and casters in general)

I never used Shining’s S3 even if it’s good because of the cost 120 and now i can see i am wrong, because at lv7 it has an initial sp of 100 and give 40% atk and 60% def( AOE skill) and it’s good combo with Aak, who is in need of regular healing and the boost can stack with Aak’s S3.
And if Aak’s S3 hurt your operator, Shining can heal him.
To finish Shining is always a good operator to invest( i really love her S2)

But with the cost of 120, you won’t be able to use it as often as Aak S3 with a cost of 41 at lv7 and will slow your use of Aak’s S3.

To finish, if you want only Shining for the combo, it will be a slow combo or a one use only combo, even with Shining’s boost many snipers/casters won’t be able able to survive.(No need)
But if you need Shining for general use and eventually for the combo , buy her.

In general I don’t find Shining to be good enough to be worth the certs. That said, she can give you a bit of breathing room on Aak’s skills if you’re planning to use him regularly. I looked at what some of your E2 operators stats should be, and Shining would give enough of a defense bonus for Skadi and Lappland to survive Aak’s skills - although just barely, so you’d have to be extra careful on timing.