Should I choose Lyra or Hilbert?


I’m only missing Lyra and Hilbert and I’m wondering who I should chosse as a garanteed pull from the new scout?

Subsidiary question: I have several unsued 5-star tickets, which Duo(s) should get them?


My personal recommendation is Hilbert, but that’s only considering the current state of the game. We barely use weather because of how weak the effects are, might not last as much as you want and the units to set them up are pretty lackluster, making Lyra less desirable because she relies heavily on having Sunny weather, not to mention her dire hit not being +.

Oshawott has impervious and buffs pretty well, it’s easy to hit +6 attack with it, plus he’s bulkier than Meganium except for total HP. But I have tbh, neither of them are amazing and they might change in unpredictable ways when Sync Grid comes, so it’s up to you to wait to get more insight or try deciding how what you think will be the best option for the long run.

Maybe weather becomes a real thing until next month, who knows?

Oshawott is super powerful in single player right now with Garchomp and Pinsir appreciating it so much, although that might not be better than noseclops Solgaleo so it really depends on what you want to use. I’d say Oshawott is more useful in general since it’s our only real physical support so far.

To me that’s a bit of a stretch. Giving +6 atk and +4 spd is very strong indeed but we have Phoebe, Rosanta and other stuff that give at least +4 atk with ease and really benefit physical sweepers.

And until a few weeks ago the only real physical Strike pair we had was Olivia & Lycanroc (sure, Pinsir is awesome as well but he basically only got a spotlight after the co-op buff), plus we’ve always had more options for Special strike, now we have Solgaleo and Cynthia to balance that distribution.

On top of that, but quite off-topic, the game is getting saturated with physical supports and we’re even getting another one later this month. We haven’t seen any Sp. atk buffer added to the gacha pool as good as Phoebe or Oshawott, perhaps a new one might be added soon to even out that field as well.

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Nosepass and Serperior do pretty much the same thing as oshawott, Serp arguably better. I didn’t mention Clop’s because my brain was in single player town where Clops is on every non-lycanroc team without exception and bonds takes too long to activate, but you’re right I should’ve definitely done that.

It’s not like you did any wrong to OP’s question, it was a good answer to the topic, what I said was just so no one goes too literal about what you said regarding Oshawott. I get it that it’s the best physical support even tho it doesn’t buff crit, actually wish I had him.

I also want to say that I truly like your posts, I hope you keep adding to the discussions we have here. You help clarify many things about the game and that helps a lot.

Thanks <3! Your posts are always really interesting and insightful, so the same to you.

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A little off topic but will Hilbert ever get an evolution? He has one in PvE but I was a little let down after seeing he has none

Eventually he will. There’s no direct proof though.