Should I continue rolling for Raikou Lancer?

So while rolling for Raikou, I got spooked by Karna. I’m honestly not sure whether I should continue rolling or not. Here is some background.

  • I already have Vlad Lancer at NP2 for a single target lancer.
  • This was entirely a gameplay roll. I don’t care in the slightest about having Raikou specifically, I just wanted a strong lancer that is more general use than Vlad with his anti-evil niche.
  • I kind of want to roll some more on Nero’s banner to see if I can get Summer Little or NP2 Fran.
  • Merlin is a thing that’s happening in a few months.

Any opinions are absolutely welcome.

Well, you have said all that matters right here. With both Vlad and Karna your Lancer needs should be fulfilled. Better save SQ for somebody you do want, either for gameplay (Merlin, yes last chance for 2 years) or cause you like character

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The thing about Raikou is that she is essentially an ST version of Lalter, a Buster Crit machine. As such, she has great use outside of her ST NP. However, if you want to start saving SQ or use it on something else but still want a Buster Crit Lancer, then you could just use the 4* ticket we’ll probably be getting in the not-too-distant future to get Lalter. Merlin with either of them would be lol memes.

And a side note on Lalter: despite being an AoE Lancer, she is still a great choice for Archer bosses because of her huge Buster Crit potential.

Raikou is a mini-Merlin if you need to buff a nuker for farming setups. Her effective support is only a little undertuned compared to him.

Karna is a great buster crit unit, but he’s selfish because his 2 skills that amp damage are selfish.

Raikou is a hybrid—think of her like the Buster Crit Nero Bride. Super good at playing support, super good at KOing things with her ST NP.

So Merlin is coming, yes…but are you going to get Merlin? Are you spending for him? What happens if he doesn’t come?

The other thing is, if this is a gameplay roll—would you rather have Fran or Summer Little because you like them? Imo character loyalty >>>>> gameplay. Always.

If you roll for Merlin, you will most likely get a Lalter too. Unless Gacha is super evil and gives you NP4 Saber Alter and NP0 Lalter…It can happen…i have seen it :fgo_jeannu:

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I’m having the same dilemma. I have Vlad Lancer but the rest are meh. I tried for Raikou but ended up with Ozy (not complaining), and Maid Rider (meh). I thought Raikou would really beef up my weak Lancer line. Now thinking bout that Lalter free pick…(sorry Nitocris, but I did get your assassin).