Should I continue to roll or not?


Melt isn’t really my waifu, tho I don’t have one nor do I imagine myself ever having one, but her quick play style seems fun, plus she is cute in SERAPH, but I’m a FTP player, and do have a few servants I do want in the future (Edgeylot, Maid Alter and Skadi because she is fucking pretty)

Honestly just want a second opinion; so far I’ve went in with 60 SQ and go passion K Scope and a few other CEs, and I only have 25SQ (more to come because event) should I do a final multi just because?

EDIT: should I get the shop CE from seraph and MLB or just no get it, I most likely would never normally use it but do you think it’d be worth it in the long run since I plan on clearing the whole shop+going for a bit of QP


Can’t help make the decision but I can offer some advice. Melt gets more rate-ups in the future, as well as a solo rate-up on New Year. She also comes back during the CCC rerun in 2021 with more or less the same banner.

As for the CE, just get it all for now. You can still use it for the rerun whether you MLB it or not.


If you’re asking whether you should do one more roll or not, the answer is obviously yes.