Should I do this?

Today I got really lucky and did one summoning circle on the Halloween banner and got Halloween Brave Micaiah. <3

I really love her IVs, definitely one of the non focus units I’d like to get. She came at the right time because I use her in the astra seasons of AR and I only had the neutral free one so far.

Now the question is, should I do this?

This may sound dumb but I’m really hesitating doing it. Not because of the fodder it’s rather that I like to keep neutral IVs of units which could be used as f2p guides from guys like PM1 and doing it the exact same way. Yeah that may sound a bit lame but I hate challenges which are time restricted so I prefer to do it that way. :sweat_smile:

What do you guys think? Should I just merge the neutral one?

As far as I’m aware there’s no point in merging into neutral IVs specifically for F2P guides as her stats change regardless.

Sorry, you got me wrong there. I’m thinking about merging the neutral one into the Res boon one.

Oh. My bad. :catroll:

Absolutely. She needs that extra Res to ensure Yune’s Whispers activates.

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Up to you. +Res, +Atk, or Neutral are very good IVs for both OG Micaiah and Brave. Depends on the role you want her for and what skills you’ll be running.

Yeah I guess there is no really easy solution. I definitely prefer the +Res merged Micaiah for AR, but sacrificing the neutral one means losing a unit for f2p guides and I could probably regret that later if she will be important in future guides.

Oof I already see me keeping both of them and waiting for a third copy. :sweat_smile:

I’d merge. I can usually complete F2P guides even if my IVs aren’t exact, but I have to change the strategy a little. PM1 isn’t the only one who releases F2P guides. There will be people who release guides without brave micaiah.

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