Should i evolve my porygon?

It has 967cp and 82iv,is it decent?

it is just a dex entry

If you want? :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, sadly, Porygon nor its evolutionary line are good for really anything.

Their typing screws them over more than anything else. P2 and PZ are nowhere close to as bulky as Blissey or Snorlax, so being Machamp weak and unable to threaten Metagross takes them out of consideration for gym defense.

They have nothing going for them in Raids.

And their movepool is quite bad for PvP, and their typing once again screws them over here.

To echo the above statement, all versions of Porygon are mostly good for filling your Pokedex. They have little value beyond that. It almost feels like a waste of a Sinnoh Stone to take it all the way to Porygon-Z. So knowing that you will probably never use it for anything, it’s CP and IV are not terribly important. Hope this helps!

Porygon was quite an interesting pick in the main games, but that translated rather poorly into PoGO.
It is rather bad here, with only being a solid choice if you luck out on getting a Hidden Power ICE fast move and combine with Blizzard, then it was actually quite a good Rayquaza counter.

It is however a likely CD candidate. Lock on was also found as a fast move in the game and the Porygon family is one of the rare species that can learn it.
In PvP it could be better had it better fast moves, as well as charge moves that wouldn’t take way too much energy to be used. Niantic could fix that, since Porygon Z can learn a lot of moves, but that would be a TM nightmare, since it already has 4 charge moves and all are one bar.
Personally I’d like to see Tri Attack introduced as good three bar/low energy move. Porygon was also one of the rare species that learn in naturally in gen I.