Should I exchange originite prime for orundum to roll?

Asking if originite prime is valuable or not, what it is used for, and if I should exchange it to be able to roll.

Originite can also be exchange for skins and the occasional lvl up packs. But yeah most of the time they’re just there to be exchange for Orundum

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The level up packs are getting expensive though. 28 originite prime is expensive if you’re FTP. Might have to dip my toes if I want to get some of the outfits before they leave.

Are the outfits rotated or limited so if they are gone its gone forever?


They are indeed limited. If you want them get them before the timer below them ends. From what I can tell we’ll get until the events I think. Maybe a bit more.

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It looks like the Cambrian and Vitafield series of costumes got a rerun in the CN version时装一览

The Pro level up packs give better value conversion for your Originite Prime to Orundum. Meaning if youre f2p this is the only place you should be spending your primes besides one or two costumes you really like.

Orundum can only be used for rolling. Primes buy skins which are limited time
Most 6 star operators can be acquired overtime with the pity system in arknights. Or through recruitment via the Senior Operator tag.

However there are limited operators like Skadi or the upcoming C’hen who cannot be acquired outside of their banner.