Should I fodder my nailah?

I was thinking of foddering off her DC and Null C-Disrupt, I’ve already got a full beast emblem and this Corrin would complete my infantry dragon emblem. Would it be better to just keep or fodder her to corrin for this situation?


Nailah is a pretty decent unit herself, but if you’re not really gonna use her then there’s really no point in keeping her aside from giving her to one of your merge projects, or to someone for AR like Brave Ike.


I was going to fodder my extra brave ike because i dont use my original much, i just feel selkie gets more use so i shall make corrin op

Sounds good, you can fodder it, Nailah is a good unit but her skills are very rare to ignore, particularly [Null C-Disrupt 3].
Giving her the ability to counter at range will help her with adaptive damages, and the other skill will allow to counter {dazzling} users :ok_hand:t2:.

I’ll call @FlaynFish to see if they have advice to help in your decision :feh_birbpeek:


No. Don’t do it.

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I see you have summoned me.

It’s never bad to have Null-C Disrupt on her as an extra skill! It helps with her ability to counterattack against all foes, which is something pretty annoying in PvE content (trust me, I’ve faced enough Veronicas to tell you that). Personally, I use a +Res Corrin with DC, Aether and Wrath. If using Aether, Draconic Rage reduces its cooldown to 4, which means if she fights 2 enemies in 1 round of combat, provided she attacked the first enemy twice (which should happen unless they are fragile or she is +Atk), she activates Aether on her first attack on the second enemy. Coupled with her good bulk, it makes her a great EP unit with good sustain.

If she is attacked once and attacks twice, in most cases, she should be brought below 75% HP, in which she can use Aether on the PP, meaning she gets respectable mixed-phase combat prowess.

So I would assume you already have a good iv copy of Ike or do you not use him much? If you like, you could give him Steady Breath as well as pre-inheriting Luna so you can give her Aether, but don’t expect her to be a good ranged check if you’re doing that. You make her bulkier and give extra cooldown bonuses, so you can always give her Lightning Breath+, though her attack may be a shade on the low side, so expect her to rely on her special to do meaningful damage, though adaptive damage does help.

I don’t actually run Lightning Breath because of its cooldown slowing and lower might, but it still is a passable idea if you wish to be boring :feh_hecmad:

So, all bias aside, Nailah is still a good unit, though it would help Corrin’s viability a lot if you give her DC and Null-C Disrupt. Wrath is also a great option which you can run on her with Aether. B! Ike you can fodder her for Steady Breath, though it would be more in tandem with Lightning Breath for the DC effect and Aether, which is boring :feh_legion:

So go ahead, fodder Nailah (and maybe a Nowi, B! Ike and Astram) and you’ll get results! Just make sure you can buff her Spd stat, because from what I can see, she doesn’t have a speed boon, which mean it can be harder to double attack.

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Thank you for a lot of help :) i will definitely have to think about putting wrath to have her use aether, originally i was going to run her with the adrift male corrin and nah, but im most likely going to run ninian instead

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I don’t know why I typed all of that for you :feh_legion: but hopefully you found it useful! :feh_hridexcited: