Should I fodder or merge Brave Ephraim?

After more than two years, I finally got a second copy of Brave Ephraim! And his traits are actually pretty good: +Def, -Spd! I would like to turn my first one into a combat manual (+Hp, -Res), but there’s one problem with that: I already refined his weapon a month ago because I didn’t get him in so long. Should I merge my old Brave Ephraim into the new one or should I take the loss of Divine Dew I spent?

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You won’t lose the dew. Merging units adds their skills together so if one had brave axe + and the other had galeforce, the merged product will have both.


What I was talking about was merging so I wouldn’t lose the refine or turn the old one into a manual and lose the refine.

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Ah… Yeah hell no, he doesn’t have good enough fodder to lose out on a guaranteed guaranteed follow up armored unit. Put it this way… Right now you’re 2/11 of the way to this:

You wanna go back down to 0/11?


My B!Ephraim is +1 and he is seriously putting such a good work that I think of giving him DC (Even if I already have B!Edelgard and L!Hector as a DC axe armored).

Even if his refine wasn’t as OP as B!Hector, it’s still very good : +5 spectrum stats, 7hp per hit and possibility of omni-breaker?
I regret foddering 2B!Ephraim now…

On a side note : he don’t need to have high merges before being good


I think it’s worth merging this one. There are more units out there with Special Fighter, most notably Nagi who you can snag DC off of as well.

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And yet you voted fodder…

I miss clicked, wrote my comment, and forgot to change my vote :catcry:
I fixed it now

hum :feh_bigbeauty:

looks at my barracks

I’d say merge, yeah.

see +res boon
Going the mixed tank way? Where is the chad in you for the atk superboon?!

I run him in Arena, no need for a Superboon when he can hit 180 BST.

Also don’t underestimate 52/50 Mixed Bulk with Tiki supporting him. Especially when she also runs Rally Atk/Spd+ to bolster his stats to make up for it

And cuz 67 twice is usually plenty

Why being content with 67x2 when you can do 71x2?
I like being a chad :feh_rein:

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He already does 78x2 thanks to Tiki buffs.

You could do 82x2 then!

But why would I make it easier to heal for 7 when I could heal for 14 per round instead

That Garm Refine is godly