Should I give Roy Fort. Def/Res and distant counter?

300 orbs ago, I started pulling on Fae/Idunns battle banner. Spent 100 orbs, got 2 Idunns and 0 Roy.
Later, on Brave Roy’s revival I spent 200 orbs and got Male byleth… Should I fodder them to Roy for more build options?

Screenshot_20200107-161416_Feh Toolkit|243x500
Current build is Fury 4, Wrath 3.
I’m extremely pissed that in 300 orbs I got 5 5stars and none of them are Roy or B!Roy. :feh_royyes:


Second Image didn’t load so here it is

If you don’t want to keep Byleth I’d fodder him as Roy really likes DC and Ruptured Sky is nice as well.

The thing about Fort. Def/Res is that we might get Bracing Stance 3 soon which would be better on Roy in most ways. So you might want to wait for that :feh_legion:


Wrath 4? Are you a time traveler?


If unit has <100% HP, gain -2 cooldown at the start of the turn and unit deals 15 extra damage when special procs :feh_reinyes:


I dunno, @RoyAhoy you want fort def/res and DC? For real though Roy should be able to help you build… Roy.

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Bruh Fir would love that

Second build but I recommend not using wrath unless you go sol or noontime

Oh… whoops. Fury 4, Wrath 3.

I’m just going to show my Roy definitely can change the C skill. Maybe a res based Seal. His attack is a bit on the low side.