Should I give up on investing in Altena?

For the last few months, I was planning on merging her to replace Catria in my Arena core since she doesn’t require a Duel skill to reach 170 BST. However, I saw a recent post saying how the new inheritable lance from Geese is just a better version since it is a Lull for everyone instead of everyone but fliers and grants 1 extra point of defense and 5 HP. I’m questioning if I should even resume trying to merge her after I already invested the skills and DF to her and just change my target to a 5-star exclusive unit like Duo Ephraim or Tsubasa even though I’m supposed to be saving orbs for Valentine Faye and CYL4.

In case you’re wondering, here is my Altena. I was planning to run Guidance as her seal or give the Tana manual to run it in the C slot. She also has Harsh Command+.

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just give her the new lance and thats it




She scores lower and the only 300 SP C skill I have to spare is Threaten Atk/Spd 3.

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You built her so she could be a member of your Arena core, right ? Then what’s the problem with the new Lance ? Even if it’s better than her PRF, at the end, the Earthly Gay Bolg still scores better for Arena. And for general use, you could just use that new lance instead. It’s on a 4 star focus, it shouldn’t be too hard to get.


She scores like 2 points less
If you wanna tryhard that bad in arena then give her a Rally instead of Repo and the points are back

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She has Harsh Command+ inherited. I just used an old screenshot and prefaced that in the text above it.

Well then I see no problem

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Even if she’s scores low enough to change your scoring bins it’ll only be by 2 points from your min/max(This does take quite a bit to do as well). Unless you’re aiming for max or near so each and every time I really wouldn’t worry about it that much… Plus, at +2 she’s not going to be scoring much anyways until you get her up to +10.

Build who you like at that’s that. You’re not going to be able to keep up with the whales in tier 21 unless you’re able to constantly provide a high merged unit every week and be able to compete with those who have +10 L!Units during their respective season when they’re the bonus.

As an added note: I believe changing her prf into a refined weapon would be equal to her dropping a single scoring bin. I believe you need a change of 4 scoring bins to actually affect your score, so a quarter of the time that lance change isn’t going to make the difference. And that’s assuming you hit max score every time, which will absolutely never happen.



And I’m not using her in Arena right now due to the low merges, but she has nonetheless proven useful when I needed a blue tank.


Fliers aren’t all that common in Arena to begin with so you can use her pref just fine :feh_birbpeek:


I personally think she is a good unit with the right investment, dont worry about the weapon, altena is easy to obtain and build.
I dont know which IV is better for her?

Yes !

+Def for scoring and tanking. +Atk is another solid option.

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The inheritable lance isn’t that much better, in my opinion. It does have its drawbacks, specifically in the solo skill. Depending on the Arena core and your intentions, if Altena’s running Guidance seal, Earthly Gae Bolg is purely superior, because Guidance means allies are going to be next to you all the time for movement. You also can’t Reposition a nuke out of harm’s way after their attack with the new lance; that fails the solo condition. Not to mention, as a flier, there’s the issue of Hone and Fortify Fliers buffs being impossible, since she can’t stay next to allies.

While it is better on paper, especially for a unit who charges in and fights alone without any support from anyone, it’s an improvement only in that it works on all movement types, and gives stats on its generic refine. But the solo condition is significant, and whether it purely outclasses Altena’s preferred is a matter of how you’re running her and what team support you’re providing.

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I was thinking of running Guidance on her (either as C-skill with the upcoming Ephermera or a seal) since her teammates are Itsuki and Flame Emperor (and Legendary Edelgard when I get her to +10).

Yeah, then Guidance is good for helping get Flame Emperor around, especially since Reposition doesn’t score great and you may want to switch to a Dual Rally. With that in mind, Guidance means she’s going to be nearby allies all the time, so her preferred lance will do just fine. While Flowing Lance has some positives that her weapon doesn’t have, Earthly Gae Bolg is much better if she’s running Guidance. Altena’s still really worth it, in my opinion.

My Altena has inherited Harsh Command+. It’s just not equipped in the screenshot.

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