Should i go for this

Basically I have 10 copies from Tharja and M-Robin. Should I use them with L! Robin on the same team for Arena Assault Earth season?

  • Heck Yeah
  • Why

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Well, I’m saying why cause I’m confused. So, you have 10 copies of Winter Tharja and regular M!Robina nd you want to use them with Legendary Grima.

Any actual game plan or is it just using them?

I mean M!Robin and Tharja, OG Tharja, their refines work pretty well together. I also kinda like theme teams.
L! Robin is there for stats.

I can’t be so picky if I want to score, Duel A skills and stuff. L! Robin can also provide Guidance shenanigans.

Do it, no regrets.

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Is this for Arena? If so, you should keep the following in mind.

  1. Tactical Bolt/Gale +Eff are outclassed by the +6 dual Rallies and Rally Ups, which you should ideally be running if you want top scoring. Thus, the weapon becomes pretty useless except for its Raven effect. As an addendum, you have two Infantry on this team, so if your Bonus Unit is Infantry as well (very common considering most of the FTP Bonus units are Infantry), then L-Robin will be the only one benefitting from the buffs (provided your +6 Rallies aren’t in effect).
  2. Tharja will probably not be able to attack much since she hits so hard – anything without Wary Fighter and/or ridiculous Speed is gonna drop instantly, which you don’t really want when your Bonus Unit should be getting most of the kills.

If you can work with these limitations, then go nuts, but if not, I’d advise against it.

Oh, maybe I didn’t said it, this is for Arena Asault 1st team earth season.

Yeah, double rallies may give less but tactical bolt AOE is pretty huge. The third unit is soposed to be L-Robin and the fourth may be any armor.

I’m sorry maybe I did not explained properly.


Oh it’s for Arena Assault? Then that changes everything.

It’s a good combination, provided you don’t have unlucky matchups (Panic Ploy/Sudden Panic are the big ones).

Also this team is EXTREMELY weak to L-Julia, and since you plan to use it in Earth season where she scores much higher, you have to be prepared to face her (or reset your runs a lot, I guess). A powerful green unit with high Res that isn’t a dragon would be ideal as your fourth member.

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M!Robin is good to 5^+10 anyway because of how versatile he is, given his all rounded stats and Spectrum Tactic. OG Tharja is a good choice as well, especially if you run both together. Though this team will want a Res heavy green unit to deal with FEH’s game-wide blue/colourless magic meta.

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