Should i grail Gilgamesh? (gameplay reasons)

I already know that grailing should be for fun and liking the servant and not for gameplay. However, right now i have 5 grails that arent reserved for anyone and im thinking about grailing Gilgamesh archer to level 100 for gameplay (obviously i also like the character).Gil is my strongest SSR by far and my only leveled up archer, and is very probably that he will have to carry me through a lot of events and Lostbelts from now on. So, is it worth it? i understand that archer have the 0.95x multiplier so they dont scale that well as berserkers or lancer, but Gilgamesh have just so much attack that make me think that in the end, that wont matter.

(On a side note, my best friend have Enkidu lv 100, so i think that it would look cool)

For your attention, thank you.

Yes do it. Grailing a servant to level 100 is always a sight to behold. Your friend has Enkidu lvl 100. What is the best support for Gil when he has his best pal at the same level as him?


I don’t regret my 100 Gil for a moment.

Does he need it? No.

Does it make him even sexier? Yes.

P.S. Yes, the Archer ATK demerit is little bit of a downer, but his internals and his kit are good enough that 5% isn’t really felt.


for event farming nodes with triple servant last battles (like the one we just went through), hes gonna do single target damage on all enemies, and then hit the guy thats left alive with a >120 k buster crit if uve got a merlin. i have a np 1 lvl 100 gil with about 500 atk up gold fous, and hes litteraly both my best single target and aoe servant

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Not only you should grail him to 100 (besides like you said, you like him and that’s the best reason), but don’t forget to 1000-Fou him as well - your next occasion will be either the Setsubun event (by buying all of the 3* Fous in the event shop) of February 1st (when the Mana Prism shop replenishes its stock, again by buying up all the 3* Fous there).

You should always make sure to have enough Mana Prisms to clear out the shop every month, BTW - it really is a big boost as you not only get 5 Tickets (admittedly the most important shop item), but also 50 universal Gold Embers (good for any class, especially dudes like me who like to collect Extra classes) and 50 of each universal Silver Fous (also good for any class, and the only ones you can feed to Extras), which is enough to 1000-Fou a Servant in one go. Thanks to this, as well as diligent event farming, I have a whopping 54 1000-Fou’d Servants.


I guess I’ll be the contrarian and say you shouldn’t, as he’s already very strong.
Also everyone else said yes, gotta bring in some conflict to make this decision more complicated :fgo_moriartysmile:

Grails are for 3 stars and lower, also maybe some 4 stars, that way they can counter the oppression of the star system and potentially surpass higher rarity servants while costing less to take into battle. :fgo_goodciv:

Part of the reason is also that the spacing for ‘Lv.100’ looks weird in the profile (as if they had to squeeze in the third digit and it threw off the spacing), and that bugs me, so 90 is max for me since multiples of ten is the way to go. Also maximum grail impact per grail.


It’s basically never a good use of resources to grail a servant past 90. That being said, the overall gameplay impact of grails on gold servants isn’t that significant in the long run, anyway, so it’s not like you’re really sacrificing much.

That’s why people always say to grail your favorites, because at the end of the day, the decision really doesn’t matter all that much, mechanically.

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I only gave my Ishtar a single grail cause she asked for one… Otherwise mine are for my 4* servants to get to level 90 once I’m done with everyone.

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