Should I grail Okita or Edmond?


So I recently got Okita from a yolo one roll (Thank god, it saved me a few hundred dollars) and I’ve been planning on grailing her because she means a lot to me. (She was one of the main reasons I started the playing and I knew her before I knew about FGO)
BUT, I also have Edmond from another yolo one roll at the start of the year (yes, 6/8 of my 5*s are from yolo one rolls) and I have noticed that a lot of my friends on my friendslist have grailed Edmonds, including two of my irl friends. My irl friends have been pestering me to grail Edmond and join the “club”. I actually quite like Edmond too, both lore and gameplay-wise. (that cape tho)

So my question is, should I grail for love or grail for the memes? I think both of them are viable choices but I need input from people with more experience than me.


The answer I like to give is to grail without regrets. If you think you’re ever going to regret grailing someone then don’t do it. I grail partly for gameplay (grailing useful Servants that I use almost every fight) but I’m also saving Grails for the few Servants I’m gonna bring up to 100.


Dantes is -completely ignoring any personal feelings here and being coldly inconsiderate- an excellent grail target by virtue of his:

  1. Avenger-typing making him always at least somewhat useful for every single node (minus some odd examples).
  2. High ATK-based Servant. Offensive Servants dis-proportionally benefit from more attack. Indirectly it increases their survival
  3. Post-Skadi, his offensive potential skyrockets especially for farming. At higher NP levels he becomes an amazing farming Servant (he gains an NP upgrade around the same time). Higher base stats can compensate for a lower NP level. More base stats triggers overkill earlier - which often means more generation and sustain in the long term.

The only drawback is that his full potential is a year away. He doesn’t have proper support access at the moment. You can always grail him later (or not all, grail for love and all that).


Both! They’re both excellent!
But first Dantes because he’s more versatile due to avenger class.


They are both awesome Quick Servants.

Gameplay-wise, Dantes, as he’s Avenger, so, 1.1X dmg multiplier means he gains more offense from the grail levels than Okita (1.0X multiplier). He also has low HP (for a 5*), and no survivability, aside from NP gauge drain of third skill. Also, if you get Skadi next year, he’s godlike. Dual Skadi+NP2+ Dantes Golden Rule lv 10 is a universal farmer, it can farm literally anything in less than a mere minute. The Overkill refund effect on multiple low HP mobs plus Golden Rule NP gain stacking multplicatively with the NP gain from Quick Performance up is very spammy.

Okita is amazing, But 10/10/10 lv 90 can do most of the job. And you can accumulate more grails later on for her.


Grail for love, no question there


The only truth in this game.