Should I invest my remaining four sunstones on Mars?

as of above.
just gotten my hands on Mars

two more ten-folds before getting Mars

Mars is really really strong, but it’s totally safe to wait until we see what happens with the coming limited FEH units.

I have been asking myself the same question. Mars sounds insanely powerful, and Gala characters are usually among the best, but sun stones are rare for those not willing to spend $40 for one.


I have used a couple on Shinobi n a few flame n wind dragons

4 remain in my stash so I’m looking for advise

dun think there’ll be dragons on the next FEH banner

the way I see it is, ‘are you going to be doing anything in between now and the new limited units that needs Mars at MUB?’

The recent dragons that seem to do the most damage are dragons that boot skill damage, but Gala Mars offers the highest strength boost of any dragon. So Mars is probably better for units with only 1 damage skill. But whether 90% strength or 90% skill damage is better will have to be determined by someone.

units with 40% skill damage WPs (sword, bow, dagger, wand… not really lance) or fat skill damage passives (Xania (has both)) are more likely to make a swap over to Mars, especially since he charges skills anyway.
He’d be especially welcome by units with one of the above and want to transform a lot, since he has a ‘on end shapeshift’ ability. so anyone with dragon claws or haste and one of the above.

Imo I feel like Mars is superfluous if you got Dreadking from the MonHun event or an Apollo (due to the heavy emphasis on Burn in most Fire content). If you don’t cause Burn and don’t have enough Skill DPS to warrant KS then yeah he’s worth it but tbh Fire has had no shortage of good dragons (still have yet to get a viable replacement for Phoenix of all dragons)

I’ve seen/been told people like using welfare Rath as the only 30/30 dragon in fire

It’s still not better, seeing as he doesn’t pack a heal in case of emergency. It’s only remotely better if the healer is AI only, which isn’t the case in most coop modes.

Also Phoenix is viable in Mercurial Gauntlet in all modes thanks to the Regen skill, unlike many other healing dragons. Hence why there isn’t and probably will never be a better replacement

Uh-oh, High Brunhilda is not gonna be happy that her darling forgot she existed :fire:

her darling H.Lowen?