Should I just skip most banner and try getting support servants only?

I’m new in this forum, nice to meet you!

So, my initial plan was trying to get Spishtar but then I realized that Skadi (I couldn’t get her on her previous banner) will have a rerun not long after Spishtar banner. This kinda make me reconsider my plan a lot as I failed to get every support servants. I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days and consider to skip Spishtar and other dps’ to just roll for every support servants. If I manage to get them all or at least Castoria, Merlin, and Vitch then I’ll probably feel more comfortable to save my sq for dps servants.

My account is only a year old tho so I have a small roster. SSRs I have are NP3 Junao, Gil, Achilles, NP2 Bryn, Artemis, and NP2 Archer Arjuna. I also like a lot of lower rarity servants that’s why I don’t mind skipping most dps’, beside I have Junao that I can rely on for everything.

What do you think?? What should I do? I want Spishtar just for farming but I don’t like her enough to go hard for her. I also don’t like farming because Im easily burnout, like farming in one event already make me tired to open the game. Help me please…


If you’re aiming for a Support, aim for Castoria and DKS. Seeing your current roster Skadi seem to benefit you the least considered the like of Castoria and DKS pretty much made a bunch more servants able to 3T (Oberon too but idk if you want him).

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If you don’t like spishtar, don’t roll. There are many arts loopers that can fill the same role as her albeit slightly worse.

Nabbing every big support isn’t a bad idea


If you’re so easily burnt out from farming this might not be the game for you unless you can use FGA for everything.

Getting all the supports isn’t bad but Skadi is definitely the worst for you unless you like a particular quick unit.


Spishtar is useful because she’s a universal farmer. She doesn’t care how the meta changes she works as well with Skadi, as Castoria, as Vitch, but she does need one of those supports to truly shine. Supports are generally better to aim for simply because a single support can enable a host of DPS options while many DPS options are handicapped by a lack of Supports.


Thank you for the answer! hmmmm yeah, considering I don’t have that many quick servants, and most of my sr/r servants are arts/buster what you’re saying kinda make sense. I’ll priroritize Castoria and Koyanskaya.


Yeah, I don’t mind if they’re not as good as spishtar. My plan is to just use Salieri lol but idk if his dmg will be enough.

Thank you!

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Oh, I forgot about Oberon… I do plan to roll for him, I just hope rng won’t ditch me haha

Thank you for the reply!

Tbf it’s not the game problem, it’s honestly my own personal problem. Even with other games I played, I’ll get burn out easily. I can play fgo this long because I like the story and want to continue to play for the story itself hehe.

Honestly, I want skadi only for my Achilles (well, unless I can get other aoe rider)

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I didn’t have any of the big supports until Merlin like 3 weeks ago, and I also have only a year old account like you (I don’t think I was even around when Skadi was released).

And I was never unable to do anything, including 14/14 of this year CQs, farming hundreds of boxes, 3 turning normal farming nodes and etc.

The game is not that hard or demanding that it really requires specific Servants to do something. For almost everything you can improvise or think of something.

With the rates being so shit, better roll for who you like than for who you feel you may need because of what you read around.
Getting Waver from the 5* ticket and rolling for Castoria should set you up, and Waver being a generalist probably better for you than Skadi, though of course, if you want, you can try all 3, by all means…

Also, just like full DPS and no Support may look bad for you, having all the Supps and nothing to play them with except borrowing or Junao over and over can get boring too. Depends on each one.


I can attest from personal experience on this. for a good year or so i only had Waver and then Merlin, but no good big dps for farming. NP1 Jalter Lily as my only AoE lancer made it even worse until SR ticket :fgo_ereshdistress:


Yes, that’s why I want to roll only for support servants for the time being because I want to enable my servants that are already part of my roster.

Thank you!


Yeah, I understand why using the same servant can be boring it’s just that uh gacha rng as usual… Before I got Junao, after Gil’s banner last year I have a really dry luck. Not a single SSR/new SR drop for me so I bring Gil/rider Ishtar often so yeah haha. When I remember that, I don’t want to risk my sq to get a new dps before I can get the support needed. And I do plan to get Waver from the ssr ticket.

Like you said, this game isn’t that demanding and if I can use my other servants with the right support I don’t mind that.

Ah… So, I will skip Skadi. I think I’ll try getting Spishtar after trying for Castoria (if I have any leftover sq) then save for Vitch and Oberon. If I can’t get Spishtar, I’ll try for Summer Kama.

Thank you all for the advice!

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If you have some saved tickets/SQ it might be better to roll for SpIshtar now that in 2023 when you will have to roll for Vitch and Oberon with less than half a year in between. Plenty of time to save for castoria after SpIshtar.


I think I can consider that…

Okay, so I’ll try to save as many sq as I can and roll for her this year. I just hope I can get her without using a lot ticket and sq.

Thankfully I still have a lot of interlude, ruq, and free quest that I haven’t done yet so I can get more sq

Thank you for the advice!

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The anniversaries give a good chunk of SQ and if you haven’t done all the FQs you can collect quite a bit from not just doing them, but also from the extra missions every time you complete 10 different ones.


Thank you for reminding me, kinda forgot about 10sq from the extra mission. I’ll do free quests after finishing Shimosa story. Thankfully I’m not busy with irl work so I can get most of them.


You can safely roll for S.Ishtar without worrying about Castoria… there will be like a near 10 month interval between them.

My biggest challenge will be Romulus banner in that 10 months.

I have to hold myself back

The best way to play this game, as grind intensive as it is, is to find yourself an anchor. Find one Servant (or a group of Servants) that you love, not just for game play reasons, but because you genuinely like them. Because rolling purely for game play reasons is a very quick way of burning yourself out.

I will not sugarcoat it; this game is tedious, so unless you can find something to fixate on, I can’t say the experience will be that much better moving forward, even if you somehow manage to roll all the meta supports.

That aside, getting the meta supports are the fastest way to improve your farming experience, and Spishtar only becomes “good” after Castoria comes out next year. Plus, your DPS lineup already looks respectable enough… though they might not benefit as much from Skadi who is the next big support to come out.