Should I lead with Mega in GBL or save for closer or switch?

Haven’t played Go battle league since season 9, but plan on playing for GO battle day in mainly Master. I plan on using Mega gyarados, with rotation of Landorus Therian, Yveltal, Diagla, and might power up Togekiss to lvl 50 if I need too in higher ranks. All Pokémon are lvl 50 with ideal move set. Just curious does anybody who plays go battle regularly thinks it would be best to lead with Mega gyarados or save him for the backend. Or what are your strategies for GBL Mega Master league?

Doesn’t matter, I think.
I run mega Gyarados as lead with an all-steel backline (magni and the mole) , where it’s important to have a good shield management, of course many people run fighting charged move in the back: zacian probably the worst, but also focus mewtwo, yveltal and therian landorous, whose superpower has to be respected (opposed to that of melmetal, of which mega Gary can tank two). Indeed I lost two matches of my set, one facing zacian, the other with landorous. Oh, and beware of thunder! Finally it makes sense on melmetal, and limited use also on dialga; kyogre ran it before as well, but I guess we won’t see it here that often… Dialga I see often, but I don’t know if it makes much sense tbh

I ended up leading Mega Gyarados the first half of the day before switching to Diagla the second half. Ran Diagla, Gyarados, and Yveltal 90% of the time only swapping out Diagla for Metagross for a few matches. Ended up with 80 wins and 10 losses for the day. Got crushed by people who had two Fighting/fairies in their team, but that was a expected risk I took with the team I used.

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