Should I lvl up?

I need a suggestion. I have max level Helena, should I max level Mozart and Shakespeare for support as well?

Neither take much in the way of investing to both ascend/level them and leveling their skills. I’d say go for it. Though Shakespeare has a 2nd skill beyond his buster buff worth leveling as well, it’s the one that drops crit stars. at lvl 10 it drops 50 crit stars… so not a bad investment at all.

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I’m pretty sure it is Mozart that drops the 50 crit stars, Shakespeare only gives crit star gen.

But to answer OP’s question, yes you should level every support because there are some situations where party cost does not allow you to take the 4-5* supports you want :slight_smile:
Also, Shakespeare and Mozart make for some good taunt wall supports!


It’s time for farming then.
Thanks for the suggestion :grin:

level everyone, imo