Should I make these?

So I managed to get Kiria and Tsubasa, actually I got them all, and well I was lucky and got them with really good ivs, so I want to give them some premium stuff.
Build for Tsubasa

With this one Tsubasa will also have galeforce but I may not use it. Are there better b and c slots cause I feel like my current choices are meh.
Build for Kiria

C slot is feh, maybe pulse smoke could work better but idk.
So should I make these.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only Tsubasa
  • Only Kiria

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I think Taubasa works better with blade session as she gets both Atk and Spd. But the Kiria build is probably her ideal build aside from a CC+Vantage build.

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I’d say go Mirror Impact instead of Kiria, Keep Iceberg or whatever she has, & wait for Mirror Strike as a Seal. As Res is her best, & this bad kinda seems off.

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Idk I know the sessions skills can be good but they are hard to pull off, basically have to move last which bothers me, and it weakens as allies are killed.

Then I’d use Swift sparrow 3 over DB4. Lose 2 Atk and gain 7 spd., Compared to DB4.

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I’ll see but right now I only have sturdy impact and mirror strike may take a while to get, if at all.

I’ll try to get it, as right now the only ss3 I have is L!Celica, and she does well in allegiance battles, so not gonna fodder.

My vote goes to Kiria but i honestly don’t know if spending resources on them is worth it (also im salty since those aren’t fe’s chatacters so it might be my bias here)
Still i see two ways of building Kiria, if you have spd boon then fox tome, ss3 + ss2 to build up her spd as her defences are good enough as is. Other is good old mirage rod +CC the choise is yours.

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Just don’t spend resources into whyfoo of the month, just don’t, you will regret it.