Should I merge my SF Nino?

Flier Nino has always played great on my main team with other units. Right now, the only problem I have when using her is her Ivs. When I first summoned for SF Nino I got two of them with different Ivs. One was +Atk -Spd while the other was +Spd -Atk, I Decided to use the +Spd one and save the other for fodder. Because she has more spd she’s still great at taking out units but her basic attack is pretty low because of the bane. I want to merge her with the other copy to fix the bane, but her skills seem very good to use for foddering. What do you guys think?


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I don’t think she has great fodder, and any skill she does have can be easily found on another unit that’s more easily accessible, and if she’s been useful to you, it’s likely worth it to merge her to get rid of the bane

I’d suggest to merge. Speed Smoke is on Fallen Takumi, a free unit. Swift Sparrow is surprisingly common. And Aerobatics is relatively rare, but its also a rather niche skill that won’t see too much use. You’d probably get more mileage from the +1 HP, +1 SPD, and the fixing of the bane.

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First things first if u fodder SF Nino I’ll murder u
I’m kidding.

+Atk merge would be the best option imo. Sure, a lot of people will be running +Spd Ninos, but personally I feel +Atk would b the btr option, primarily bc Brazen Atk/Spd is now available as a seal. She’ll easily hit desperation range and Brazen range bc her defensive stats are not too great, so by doing so, she’ll b able to consistently hit 52 spd by herself, which is good enough to trigger her max power giga excalibur damage, bc the opponent needs at least 43 spd to reduce that damage, which is a stat not a lot of units can consistently reach. A simple hone/goad fliers, spd tactic, spd wave could bring her spd around 56 to 58 which is more than enuf for her effect to trigger to its maximum. So I’d say focus on +Atk to increase that firepower. It will help her quite a bit.

Also fodder-wise, Aerobatics is the only skill that’s available as a 5* on her. But the thing is that Aerobatics is already a seal I think so its not v impt. Spd smoke is on F! Takumi, and there’s like well over 10+ units with Swift Sparrow (not to mention its also on Naesala). So using her for fodder is not very practical as well.

So I suggest merging her into +Atk.

I just got a new one today and have been having similar thoughts, thanks. :)

Unless you’re trying to save feathers on foddering spd smoke or swift sparrow, merge her. Swift sparrow is available on Naesala; spd smoke is available from F.Takumi, and aerobatics I expect to appear on a grail unit before long.

U can refer to my comment if u’d like!