Should I merge or fodder

Just quick question but I was wondering that should I merge these units
I have a spd+ ike he has a res bane so it makes me decisive about the skill he has that’s rare(heavy blade)
This goes for most of the units I have
More examples
Katarina is res+ hp bane worth for fodder(swift sparrow/atk ploy
Fjorm-def+ spd- fodder(shield pulse)
Quan-def+ res- fodder(rally spd/def+)
Myrrh-atk+ hp- fodder(hone dragons)
Legendary Lyn-atk+ def- fodder(spd tactic)
Gunnthrá-res+ 1+M fodder(fortress res, res ploy)
Faye-neutral fodder(firesweep bow)
Each unit i mentioned has 1 manual while faye has 3
And yeah I understand some of these areceady to obtain but I just want to know witch is more worth it
Here’s a visual perspective of the manuals
And units.

Heavy Blade isn’t exactly rare considering it’s on Jamke, so you can probably merge.

I’d merge. Swift Sparrow is not as good as it used to be.

Unless you’re building a Shield Pulse + Pavise Lon’qu, Raven, or Linus, then you most likely won’t be using this skill.

If you care about Arena, then fodder.

I can’t really answer this as I don’t really use Dragons enough to warrant the use of Dragon exclusive C skills. I’d personally merge.

I’d fodder. Legendary Lyn isn’t that great unless you’re trying to max merge her.

Just merge. Her fodder is garbage.

If you have a bow unit that could actually utilize her weapon (Brave Lyn, Rebecca, Clarisse(?), etc) then fodder.


If you don’t mind me asking, why do you keep all those heroes as manuals? Just curious.

For me, they are manuals because of bad pulls or bad ivs and also accidents too (hinoka, olwen,bunny sharena)
Like for example naga, legendary lucina, Forsyth, I gotten like bad ivs spd- hp+ on naga while Forsyth he got spd+ hp- I forgotten about L lucina but I know it was something like hp+ atk- while the other was probably a spd- def+
I usually dont have a plan when I get a unit when they have bad ivs i usually just level them up and do th ed dragon flower challenge on them and have their confessions and that’s about it, I turn them into manuals r u not likeing my way if doing if you aren’t I could make use of future bad pulls cause I never keep them🤔.

I completely agree I have no use of these just need someone to clear it for me
Ike-forgot HB was on jamke so I will merge
Katarina-yeah sw2 is dead now since 3 came so might as well merge
Fjorm-Not really bulding those kinds of build so merge
Quan- nah dont really care about arena so merge
Myrrh-might as well merge I dont extremely need and use dragon teams so merge
L lyn- Yes I was thinking on giving it to my Eirika and am so not max merging her
Gunnthrá-yeah I clearly see it is pretty garbage all i see is res ploy being useful sort of so I try to find use for it if not then merge
Faye-Yeah I have alot of bows who want to steal that from her so shes fodder worthy.
Thanks so much😄

Oh and the year one units, I thought I was able to summon them again until they dissapeared so they are stuck there until I have to focus summon one.

I did it and while at it, I wanted to know who uses the firesweep bow better, 3 choices, and I will show what bow units I have that i want to give and wanna know who utilizes it better(though I feel like it’s the same)
And surprisingly I got pythro 2 days ago

So I feel iffy on innes,takumi and jeorge cause you know, they have refined weapons but takumi weapon is bad and kinda wanna
Oh forgot about hinoka and brave Lyn.
And another thing (sorry) should I fodder Dimitri to gordin ? Like it could benefit him in a way.

Brave Lyn is probably the most popular Firesweep Bow unit, even with her prf weapon, and she’s one of the only ones listed that could probably use it effectively.

That seems pretty good actually. Gordin’s prf refine gives an essential +4 to attack and defense during combat (it’s actually a debuff to the enemy, but you know…) and Lull Atk/Def is another +3 to both stats for an essential +7 attack and defense. Combine that with Death Blow 4’s +8 attack on initiation and you have +15 attack on player phase, and that’s before adding in other things like buffs from teammates.

Looks good on paper, but I don’t know if the actual execution will be all that great because he has no way of consistently charging his specials. That’s why Special Spiral is one of his popular B slots, without it he doesn’t really have much to work with for consistent Bonfires.

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(Yikes forgot to respond)Thanks I see lyn having great use on it, but any other 2 options who can use the bow at best, and yeah I agree, I forgot to focus on his special but the build could work if other allies have special boosting like corrin(yato) infantry pulses ect in a way so yeah I kinda see why ss is popular he wants to destroy his enemies in two shots or one.

And wow 15 before buffs is alot and adding a attack wave skill could benefit or def smoke could work