Should I Murder This Horse?

Pulled a B!Lucina with neutral IVs. Should I turn B!Eliwood into dogfood for that sweet, sweet A/S Ruse and Atk/Def+ for B!Ike support?


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How often do you use Brave Eliwood? :thinking:
I wouldn’t say that Rally Atk/Def is the most useful Rally for Brave Ike support, but it can work :feh_birbpeek:

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I have a +1 atk IV that I was trying to use for Galeforce, but I don’t use him much. Pulled this one on the Brave banner looking for more B!Micaiah merges

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If you don’t need Eliwood, then I’d say go for it :feh_birbpeek:
You miss out on a movement Assist, but Guard from the Ruse is nice for tanking.

I suppose the atk/spd ruse is good for different teams, but I don’t anticipate pulling and foddering an Eleonora anytime soon for the atk/def variant, so is this the next best ruse option? My B!Ike is only +3 right now anyways.

As a person who firmly sees B!Eliwood as fodder and loves Lucina, I must say this is a poor foddering decision since you’re wasting SS3 and Ruse skills are the definition of meh

It’s an uninspired pairing, admittedly.

There is always Sudden Panic and/or IP

ow my feelings

I’m just spitting facts

Ruses at least have a solid niche
looks at seals

But yeah, they are lackluster in comparison to other B skills. They’ve got a special place in my heart, though.

short answer: no

long answer: NOOOOOOOO