Should I now give Brave Lucina Warding Breath?

Now that Brave Lucina is amazing I need to fix her skills. I’ll admit she was barely used, I just slapped swordbreaker on her and would use her in Arena Assault whenever she was in season again sword opponents. But this new refine gets me really excited. Since she’s effective against dragons now, and I’ve had a spare Legendary Ike sitting on the sidelines for a while, would Warding Breath be one of the better A-skills for her? What are some other alternatives?

Might wanna fix the title, L! Lucina ≠ B! Lucina :/

I think she’s more suited towards Player Phase, looking at her base statline. Swift Sparrow is a simple yet likely effective choice on her.

I’d say no because her base Res is too poor to tank dragons without ditching Geirskogul for Berkut’s Lance, and she shouldn’t be trying to bait mages without DC. If she has to engage a dragon she is better off striking first. Besides, she’s supposed to be giving the Breath effect to her allies, not herself.

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So I had a similar thought, but since she’s mainly there as support and I really just need her to survive, I gave her Warding Stance 4. I had a Fallen Berkut with meh IVs, so he sacrificed himself so BLucina can live through a hit from a Dragon if needed, and use that effectiveness in her weapon. Added in Atk/Res link and drag back so she can just sit behind BIke and turn him into a monster.

Not sure if it’s ideal, but it makes sense to me and it’s fun to play.


Nah. She’ll only have like 26 res after the breath kicks in. I run Fury on mine, it’s simple but effective.