Should I own more than one Fatalis?

Hi guys! It took tok 225 ish pulls but I think I finally did it! I got all of the adventurers and one copy of each dragon. Now, as happy as I am, I was also woried that I might not make it. Anyway, I’m in this dragalia messenger Group Where someone said that I need at least two copy of fatalis because fatalis is meta and that he is pretty much needed in high zodiark? My stash is low. 9.5 k currently(no tickets whatsoever) and idk if I can pull anither one but is he correct? Should I try to get another fatalis and mub both of them to use them somewhere? Noob here. Help please.

Well, it would be Jupiter, not Zodiark.
Fatty is good on Delphi and breakbots, but basically just on the AI, who won’t be tranforming.
In multiplayer, it’s harder to tell. We have two WPs that prevent statuses on dark adventurers, and it could totally be possible to finish HJP only using one transform.

Anyway, you only need one for multiplayer, you’re not going to be bringing more than one adventurer to that.
He could be nice for your AI, but that requires a lot of him.

What are your other dark dragons?

I don’t know who told you that fatalis is meta in high zodiark but that’s definitely wrong. Current high zodiark meta is still quad dps with yachiyo gudenx2 and Fleur or I guess mitsuhide now. Now to answer your question I’d recommend going for it as a second fatalis would help AI dps on content like mercurial gauntlet and soloing void battles. If you’re thinking about using fatalis on endgame content where he’s really only useful in high Jupiter, just one copy is enough, just use sun stones to max unbound him

I thought that people were trying to shift to GLuca, Guden, Guden/DYMalora, Mitsuhide?

Parallel Zodiark and Marshitien. Both are MUB. Others would be Nyarla and something else. I mean I wanna save my wyrmites but if Fatalis is meta then I wouldnt mind going for a second copy. But ofc if he isnt, why waste wyrmite? I have 7 sun stones.

Thanks! So I really dont need to waste anymore wyrmite, right? Cause who knows if I can get another copy or not and end up wasting wyrmite.

Marishiten is pretty close to Fatty, but Shinobi is better on a lot of characters.
You’re probably fine.

(7 isn’t a lot)

Both Dreadking and HSarisse are extremely good, though.

Marsh is better than fatty tho, right? Bleed and all.

Fatty gives more attack, so he goes on your AI that you won’t transform with.
Marishiten would go on someone you’d actually hit transform with, depending on circumstances. Having another source of bleed isn’t necessarily a plus.

Even then, Fatty isnt a must have for more than one, right?

If you have Marishiten, I don’t think so. Dupes don’t matter for multiplayer anyway. Just make sure you have the status immunity WP in case you need to use him on your controlled character.