Should I pass on the Torch?

I managed to pull a Plegian Tharja not too long ago. Levelled her, got her Flowers and her Conversation. Now comes the moments of truth. Do I pass her torch on to my beloved Elise? Or do I keep her and build her up over time?


Pros: Green aerial mage. Only alternative I have is S!Camilla. Very strong, good base kit. Minimal skill investment needed. Faster.
Cons: Requires all merges and flowers, very resource-heavy, though not skill heavy.


Pros: My precious sunflower, fully built (except for the Chill hsre, don’t have that. Has Desperation for her current tome.) Fully merged, mostly inherited, fully flowered. Almost no investment needed. Better ATK and bulk.
Cons: Current Madness Flash works quite well. May not really need the Torch.

What say you?

  • Keep Tharja, build her over time, she’s worth.
  • Elise is your bby. Treat her. Make her great.

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investing in favorites makes you enjoy the game more

I give all new axes to Titania so go ahead man make Elise the best Elise she can be


If Tharja is also a favorite of you, why don’t you try to get 12x Copy of Tharja?! ^^"

So you can fully merge her to +10 and also give your beloved Elise this awesome tome. :smiley:

That would be my way for favorites units. :feh_rein:

And i’m not F2P.


If Tharja is also a favorite of you, why don’t you try to get 12x Copy of Tharja?! ^^"

'Cuz my computer died and I’m pretty sure that it can’t be fixed and I’m gonna have to replace it. :pensive:
Keeps booting into UEFI. I tell it to save settings and restart, and it restarts right back into UEFI. There’s also a blinking irange light on the side. (It’s a gen-1 Surface.)
While I may have about $200 extra this month that I could draw from, that has to go to a computer fund. Unless Biden actually gets that extra $1400 through.


'Cuz my computer died and I’m pretty sure that it can’t be fixed and I’m gonna have to replace it. :pensive:

Oh, my bad - sorry :frowning:
A good Computer is very expensive - i know. :frowning:


just buy one from a garage sale for like 200 bucks smh my head


Used hardware with no kind of quality assurance or money-back guarantee? Hell nah.


Luckily, it’s not my gaming rig. That f*cker cost me $1400 just a few years ago. Nah, the one that died was my “do-everything-else” laptop/tablet that I’ve had since college and continued to use for mostly internet things, but also my writing, phone backups…Basically anything that isn’t gaming to avoid cluttering my desktop PC. I can get a gen-7 Surface for, like, $600. And that’s a new one.

I wanted to put the money asode for a 3070 GPU, but I gues that’ll have to wait.


Oh a very nice GPU. :smiley:

I use this one on my gaming pc, what i have bought last year in january.

still a vey good GPU imo.^^"


I don’t doubt it’s good. I’m still running a 1060 Ti, I think. I figured that, if I was gonna upgrade my GPU, I may as well go all-out, though I’ll also have to upgrade my power supply.


If you are satisfied with the current Elise build then keep Tharja, she is good and she is very different from S!Camilla. It’s good to have more variety.


If you’re not sure whether Elise needs the tome, you could just try Tharja out, see how the tome works, and whether you think Elise would prefer it over her current tome. Might help you decide

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Elise doesn’t necessarily need the tome as much spscifically because she’s significantly more invested than Tharja is (or will be for a long time). I kniw how the tome works, it’s the same as the bow my Noire uses, the real problem come from the fact that I am aware of how good Tharja is, and she has no real relevant competition (like I said, S!Camilla is my only green aerial mage); but her tome could be put to much better use much sooner on Elise, who -having better bulk - could probably utilize it to a much greatsr extent than squishy Tharja can.

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In that case, seems like the best choice is to give Elise the tome, and not be on the hook for 1200 orbs or whatever it takes to max-merge and invest Tharja. But that’s just me, you might have other goals for her that make it worth building