Should i power up an Entei?

I got two good Enteis, a 93% with 15/12/15 IVs (atk-def-hp) and a 96% 14/14/15
I was wondering if i even should power up one of them (probably the 93%) considering i already have 7 double-fire Blazikens, 6 of which have the CD move

Blaziken is a glass cannon. There are situations (like against Metagross in gyms) where you need a Fire-type with more bulk. How many good Moltres do you have?


Entei is kinda the awkward middle child of Fire-types right now.
Moltres beats Entei in DPS and even in bulk when you’re up against Grass/Bug Mons that have Grass/Bug moves.
Looking at just DPS, Blaziken and even Flareon both beat Entei (though Flareon does so by a smaller margin), at the cost of quite a bit of bulk.
On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for a bulky Fire-type, both Ho-Oh and Heatran are significantly tankier than Entei, though their DPS is lower as a result.

So Entei is kinda in the middle. He isn’t the highest DPS Fire-type, nor is he the tankiest. Plus, there really isn’t a pressing need (that I’m aware of) for Fire-types right now, so unless you just really like Entei and want one in your attacking roster, I’d maybe hold off on powering one up.

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Only one (as i managed to do only a single raid last time we had the birds) and he doesn’t have overheat, so none if we’re talking about fire attackers. That being said, i don’t know if Entei’s extra bulk being helpful in taking down gyms is enough of a reason for me to power it up, as even blaziken probably wouldn’t faint fighting a metagross defender, and even if it did, using a revive and potion to heal it put doesn’t seem that expensive to me. Honestly, i think i’d rather save the dust, unless one of these good Entei were shiny, but i still appreciate the answer.

He thicc

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If this is implying your Moltres knows Sky Attack then whatever you do do not get rid of it. Sky Attack is legacy and when paired with Wing Attack turns Moltes into the single greatest flying type in the game (for the time being, depending how Archeops is handled move-wise).

As far as your Entei go, there isn’t a real demand for fire types at the moment and likely won’t be for some time. Especially with your having 6 Blast Burn Blaziken I don’t know if I would unless you really like Entei or wanted to flex a shiny.