Should I pull for B!ke?


With all the fuss about H!Hector, it’s almost as if the weekly revival banners don’t really exist anymore. But they are likely the best option to +10 merge a 5* character from previous generations. I was planning to pull for B!ke and will have ~500 orbs by the end of next week to do so (mine is at +3).

But now I’m having second thoughts. I like the playstyle of B!ke, have a Lancina to back him up, but for AR-D a frontline tank unit seems hardcountered by the new duo skill. I could use him for AR-O, but I already have Fae at +10 as a green tank, or Caineghis (+5). Also have Lector at +6 and Sheena at +10, so I’m starting to think that i’m a little oversatisfied in the (green) tank department. I have Sheena/Draug/Effie at +10, as well as Aversa, and Kagero and Nanna both at +9.

I’d like to hear some suggestions. What would you do with 500 orbs? F2P, btw.

  • Just pull for B!ke, he’s great
  • Try to finish +2 OG Ephraim
  • Go for +2 OG Celica
  • Might as well try to finish +4 Sigurd
  • Pull for a different revival unit
  • Try for something else entirely

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Changed the title for ya since your more asking for advice rather than who will be pulling for him.

As for whether or not to, how committed would you be if you pulled for him? He is pretty good but do you plan on getting him to +10? Or are you just looking to get him at all. Because do remember there is the free B!Ike from heroes path.

I guess the title is more fitting. Although I am curious if people have the same plan as I do/did, waiting for the 19th weekly to come around.

I would be gunning for +10, as I have 4 copies of him already. With the 4%, 500 orbs average around 6 of him (I think), so that’d get me pretty close. Already have the free one btw.

I also have almost all fodder for pretty much any unit, except for Null-C-Disrupt. And Atk/spd solo, lol.

I just read in another topic that you’ll be going for Lancina instead. Good luck to you m8. Also for the +10 or just the single copy? I guess she is very valuable as a one off.

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Hmm well then if you want to +10 him and already have a start, then I’d say go for it. I don’t see a better opportunity coming anytime soon considering that he’s not even on new banners anymore. Do you already have a B!Lucina to pair him with too?

Well I do, but I’m hoping to get Lucina since i don’t have her. I don’t have as many orbs, but I’ve been saving pretty well and am only aiming for one copy anyways.

B!Ike is definitely worth saving for even if you have Fae for tanking, actually it’s very likely you’ll get enough merges for +10ing and have some spare for other projects.

This was my luck with Sonya back on her revival:

(I could get 10 of her in 550+ orbs by sniping her color along with a few pitybreakers)

And another advantage of B!Ike is that he doesn’t have any weakness! (well except the Duo Skill that deals a fixed 20 damage and the [Poison Dagger], but other than that he’s a definitely strong choice to save for :+1:t2:)

I’ve run multiple simulations, believe its on average 1 per 80 orbs. Sounds like you got quite lucky. Congrats!

Ike does have a weakness btw, AoE ;)

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Nice!, but you might get better results on the banner, anyways good luck! :four_leaf_clover:.

Aha that can count as well :thinking:

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Was going to wait till end of the week but I couldn’t resist to pull today. Spent 43 orbs, got pity broken by Fallen Robin… Should I take this as a sign?


Congrats!, I think so, if you’ve got to save for someone else definitely try not to spend more but if you find her support value too useful for your team then you can try some more!, but do that when we know the new heroes — they may shift your attention and that can be regretful! (the banner should be announced around the next end of week :thinking: but I think there’ll be time!)

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Ike is okay on defense, but he’s way better on offense. Fae doesn’t hold a candle to him. I’d just use him on AR-O or D without pulling for more copies. I like saving for legendary banners.

I did spend 4 orbs on Ike’s banner and got lucky with an extra copy though.

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I will take try to take your advice and hold off additional summoning until saturday. I’m projecting to obtain close to 500 orbs by then, but I will also want to pull for Null-C disrupt on the Null banner if I do pull for B!ke. I’ve been terribly unlucky pulling for 5* merges in the past, with the recent Caineghis Legendary Banner as probably the worst example (600 orbs pulling for Eir and Alm, got 1 Eir, 1 Alm and 6 (!) Caineghis).

However, fear is a poor counsellor.

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I use Bike +3 on tier 20 AR and my forte is lvl 3, I tried to get it on this banner, I wish I could leave it with spd +. haha
My opinion is if you like the unit to the point you want to upgrade to +10, do it!
But the Bike doesn’t need more than +5 to finish to the highest tier of the arena or AR.
I’d instead try to pull 1 or 2 bike’s and save the orbs.

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I see, if the New Heroes won’t be relevant for you regardless and you’d like to focus on B!Ike and Nailah then maybe you can try now to have more time, but if they’re interesting then yes wait until saturday — anyways the “null” banner will be available this 10/22, off of the time the [Weekly Revival 19] banner will be here.
~500 orbs is a solid number for a lot of pulls and although you may had bad luck on the past it’s bound to change, you might get lucky pulls this time! (oh amd late congrats for these, a bit costful but there were excellent units on the haul :excidunn:).

Yes, I think it’s best to consider advice or do whatever you see more fit, holding off out of fear might be costful later unless it’s not a big deal lose some merges/fodder :thinking:.

But good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Update: I’m weak. And unlucky. Spent 156 orbs now, 1 Ike. Did get another 5*, Minerva. Ironically the first 5* I ever pulled and she fixed my old Minerva’s def bane quite nicely. Only 320 orbs left right now… +10 Ike seems far, far away.

I guess no one can really tell you what to pull for alone because tastes are different, but even if you have already a great green tank with Fae for AR, I would say it’s not bad to have a second green tank for AR.

You could put one in the light season and one for the astra season in AR-O. That’s the thing I would do, but my Astra team is still bad, I’m glad I can hold on to Tier 20.

I know that feel beeing tempted easily. I got lucky on the Halloween banner and I’m still tempted trying to get more H Hectors, but I want to see the new heroes first so I have to stay strong. :ikestare:

203 orbs spent now, still 1 Ike. Am I Arthur?

Hum, this is why you should save, you can get easily screwed on a banner but the luck would be different if you’re patient.

You can take some tips for saving, examples:

  • Don’t pick up orbs from mail — when you let them pile up like this it does help on the long run, this is my progress as of this FEH day :arrow_down:
  • Put an IGN like mine to remind you of saving!
  • Set a goal: think of fod or units of 5★ pools you’d like to get at some point!
  • Make a secondary account: you can use the Nox emulator for Windows (I think there are emulatora on other platforms as well) or another phone and use that account to summon — it’s helped me!

I tell you, right now I really want to summon but don’t do it, I need to +10 Idoun at some point so I can’t allow too much luxury anymore after getting tempted by Nagi (after last pitybreaker I told myself to save because she may pitybreak me sometime or appear on a different banner).

But I hope your luck improves soon :bylethsmile:

I was saving for B!ke. And I don’t find saving hard, I had 500 orbs to throw at the banner. Just felt unlucky going into it, and my feeling was right (I know there is no logic in this at all, but w/e). I will also want Nailah to even make decent use of him, and that’ll probably cost me another 100 orbs to have a good chance?

I should realize that my worst luck is behind me? But 3 pity breakers in 200 orbs, ■■■■ that man. This bad luck is what’s so demotivating.

I see, if you have an easy time saving it might explain things, still showing some restrain is sure to help you!.
Yes, if you weren’t confident it’s better to avoid the banner at all — anyways I think you still stand a chance for Nailah, do you snipe colors?.

I feel you, I had wasted a bit more than 100 orbs on the NMotE banner just for 4 pitybreakers, with two of them being +spd Kadens so I gave up, Nagi would eventually come to me — and now this was probably a similar luck than with Selkie on my other account, I’m thankful to have stopped…

I decided that as I was aiming for this banner I’d at least try to +5 my B!ke. Spent another 88 orbs, 291 total now.




And the ■■■■■■■ Edelgard that pity broke me is -atk. I’m gonna take a break from this game man shit.