Should I purfied that larvitara?

I have this Larvitar, should I clean it? Currently it has tyranitary 2970,2250 CP without smack down and I have 33 lvl I can evolve this friend but I’m not sure.

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No way, leave it as it is. Frustration even will come sooner or later and you’ll have your 20% boosted Tyrant ready for raids.

How much candies and stardust do you have?

If you are short on candies and stardust, purifying will bring it to level 25 at minimal cost.

And yes everybody else will tell you not to purify, but I would do it too…

Larvitar is fairly common in 12k eggs at the moment. I appreciate what @ikke says about current need but with roughly 20-25 candy per hatch, plus TTar is a regular raid rotating pokemon and with t4 now being t3, you can have a non-shadow fairly quickly. The shadow ones are scarce, I’d keep it shadow.

I have two perfect purified Tyranitars. They are among my greatest regrets in the game.


Whatever you do hold off until December to see if you can get it’s legacy fast move (smack down)

Personally I’d keep it shadow though, regular Larvitar are everywhere (eggs, research, gbl)

Keep as shadow definetely. If you want him as raid attacker( Rock) wait until Smack Down possible. If Dark one, no need to wait.

Also, in PvP Bite in Open Master is better than Smack Down, if you want use him there. In Premier Master i dont see place for him.

I have as far as I can remember never hatched a Larvitar, I have never had a 12km egg untill now (never have an emty spot when I do a Boss), in all the time I play this game I’ve seen 199 larvitar and caught 182, Tyranitar I saw 52 and caught 50… so saying that this is such a common Pokémon for everybody is a stretch at best. For the moment I have 149 Larvitar candies.

The difference between bringing a level 8 shadow Pokémon and a level 25 purified Pokémon to level 40 is huge (316326 vs 179600 stardust and 384 vs 215 candies including the purirying cost).

So you see that stardust and candies could mean the difference between purifying it and having a great Pokémon or keeping it as a shadow and having a (super) Pokémon… not every case is the same .

And if you only have a limited amount of Larvitar candy (or any other candy for that matter) and don’t have millions of stardust to spend just like that… the question remains if you better have Shadow Pokémon of a lower level or a Purified Pokémonof a higher level.

And for those that doubt my words yes I have purified a Larvitar, and evolved it last december into a Rock Attacker and maxed it out.

And no I have no regrets doing it…


I also have that Tyranitar and regreting, even with another 98 shadow earned and maxed later.

Never hatching Larvitar seems so weird imho :open_mouth:

I don’t deny you the joy of that decision, I’ve always said in the absence of any other clear criterion do what makes you happiest in the game.

I found Larvitar was a fairly common 10k hatch, Ttar is a common raid boss (and if it comes round it will be an easy solo as a T3 = 21 candy) and that it seems, according to current, albeit early, Silph Road figures to be in 1/5 12k eggs making Ttar a relatively easy find.

Another reason (which I didn’t know at the time I made my Purified hundo :wink:) are mega evolutions, shadow Pokémon can’t be mega-evolved.

I’m sure lots of you have more then one maxed hundo Tyranitar, but for those that have limited resources it perhaps is something to keep in the back of their mind too.

And I do believe you all if you are saying that Larvitar is such a common spawn/hatch I can only speak from personal experience and for me it is a different story. It is like somebody asking me where to find Magikarp, for me that is a common spawn for others less so…

Beat me to it

Thanks everyone . But I am sad shadow pokemon can not evolve.

Maybe he can solo legendary pokemon who have ghost megaevolution

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Wow, that’s really impressive. Nearly 200 caught, but not one from eggs. I think the larvitar distribution was around 3 percent mostly. Higher in 50km distance reward eggs. Personally I caught 70 larvitar, maybe evenly distributed among eggs (more than 10, less than 20), rockets, raids and wild. Haven’t played on community day though. Wasn’t there an event where larvitar could be hatched from 2km eggs?


End of conversation.



A 0/0/0 Shadow Tyranitar is better than a 100% non shadow because shadows get a 20% attack bonus. Yours is already almost 100% AND shadow, count your blessings and leave it the F*** alone.

You will save dust (negligable) by purifying it but youll also ruin one of the best pokemon in the game. You can always get more dust. You arent likely to get a better shadow T-tar.

Wait till December and u can probably give it smackdown too

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And take more damage as well. It has drawbacks and also will not mega evolve. Dust isnt negligible either.

Both yes and no are very valid, the idea is to clarify the scenario for the guy to choose what suits him more, not to bias his choice

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I’m just here to vote for “absolutely not. Never. Do not do it.”

It’s like asking, do you want to convert your 96% mewtwo into a 100% Alakazam, so it becomes perfect and it can mega evolve later. No. Just no.

Shadow TTar (Bite/Crunch) = Basically a Darkrai
Regular TTar (Bite/Crunch) = A slightly better Houndoom
(Level 30 Giratina-o can do about the same DPS as Level 40 reg. Tyranitar)

Shadow TTar (Smack Down/SE) = Rampardos with much more bulk
Regular TTar (Smack Down/SE) = A slightly better non-legacy Rhyperior (SD/SE)
(Level 30 Rock Wrecker Rhyperior can do about the same DPS as level 40 reg. Tyranitar)

Unless Niantic gives it better movesets, all you need is one good non-shadow Tyranitar for Mega Evolution. When Mega is out, or when it returns to T3 raids, you have plenty of time to hunt for a good one with 10/10/10 IV floor. To purify a 15/13/15 to save stardust, so that you turn a “basically Darkrai” into a " 100% slightly better Houndoom" just makes no sense.


000 Shadow Tyranitar is something for the prof. Or for the cabinet. I would prefer a 100 percent non shadow all the time over a 0 star shadow, even if it deals less damage. Who defines “better”? With frustration you cannot even use a shadow one, so you need tons of resources. I would go for rarity and a three star shadow is rare. Would not purify it and here I go with you. Zero or one star larvitar (super common), I would drop or purify. Two stars depends on the situation.