Should I raise my NP2 Lobo?

So I have NP2 lobo and with the current Gilfest, mats aren’t really problem. I just wonder if I should raise him since he is NP2 (I burn the 3rd copy somehow). I have my own Skadi so WSkadi with him should be fun. I have NP2 Dantes (fully raised), but Lobo burst dmg in WSkadi just ridicilous. Maybe he can 1T Skadi loop with 2004 MC, worth to try.

However with the upcoming SR ticket, I can get 1 copy of Nyalter. While Nyalter arguably better servant, NP1 Nyalter still below NP2 Lobo in term Burst Dmg.
Tbh I have enough mats to raise both of them, but I still wonder if the mats I spend on Lobo will be useful one day.

As you said, xp and mats are not that big of a problem in gil fest so unless you have other pending servants, why not?

We do have a stickied thread, General Support Thread - New Players, Ask Here First!, which is dedicated for these types of questions, and you may get more responses in there.

However, I wouldn’t say that Lobo is a priority. If you have the spare mats, QP, and embers, go for it. But don’t prioritize him over other units that could potentially benefit more from the resources.

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Well it’s not like the dog is my waifu material I’d raise even for no good reason. I just wonder if he’s gameplay wise still worth to raise.

Ah thanks for the link. Idk about that thread since I’m not exactly new player.

I had that same question a while ago, because mine is np2 and I have skadi. The answer is you should because he deals atrociously strong neutral damage and he doesn’t even have an np upgrade yet.

At np2 after his upgrade you can definitely just slap him in the middle of any bossfight and he should be fine in the same way people just kinda use jalter and and dantes regardless of more prominent choices.

Please don’t take this negatively. I am simply saying if you have no servants to use the embers on (going on the assumption that you have some stashed in the giftbox and filled up the 2nd archive from opening boxes) you might as well, right?

but being a quick avenger with access to skadi should mean very good damage even at neutral,and his sure hit (on NP) is certainly useful


The beginning post in that thread explicitly states you don’t have to be a new player.

I’m the one who created that thread. Since I’m the one referring you to it, then it’s applicable to you.