Should I Reroll? (JPN)

So I just started to play FGO JPN and when I went to do the tutorial summon, I got both Siegfried and Carmilla.

Thing is, should I reroll? From what I understand, Siegfried isn’t that good of a 4star Saber whereas Carmilla is a pretty decent 4star Assassin. So, my question is that should I try and reroll for servants like Hercules or should I keep this account.

Also, I got two 4star CEs but I don’t know what they are. I will post what they when I translate their names.


There is an easy fix for Siegfried as a large percentage of his potential is locked behind the dragon trait.
Pair him with Georgius.
If the lancer/berserker enemy is hit with Ascalon then a level 80 Siegfried without any raised skills or external buffs should be able to hit for 66-81k (with a 10% unit variation for affinity).

I actually haven’t used Carmilla much but as far as I know she is good at NP spamming and killing females.

As for Herc, his utility is a bit tied to the bond CE and it will be a long time before you get that one and if you are thinking about Solomon then you would need to use a support one.

Also keep in mind that the DW added more starting servants so it might take a bit longer than expected while rerolling.

It is up to you. Besides things will work out regardless of your starter.
I began with Tamamo Cat and I haven’t used her for a long time…isn’t even fully ascended.

In all honesty, Sieg isn’t the worst Saber in the world especially when paired with Georgios. Carmilla is a brilliant unit who, depending on the circumstances, I still sometimes substitute in for Jack.

Hercules is a good starter to blitz through story by mashing the red buttons but honestly you can do the same with a support herc/cu (alter)/any decently leveled berserker and save you the time of rerolling.

You’ve got 2 good 4*s from the start. I would say keep them.

Actually I think you should reroll. Aiming for Emiya plus another 4* servant.
I have two accounts: one with Emiya, the other with Herc. I would say Emiya rocks. Even now when I have 6 SSRs, I still use Emiya a lot. To be honest, there are not much Lancers to counter compared to Sabers (for example Camelot). So a starting Saber probably won’t fair well. For my account with Herc, I was able to clear Solomon without a Saber in my rooster.

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Just note the transfer number and reroll a few times. If you don’t like what you get and/or get bored you can always go back to that account.