Should I risk the Class Based summoning banner?

In particular, I am in dire need of servants with team battery support. Merlin’s banner should come out in a month or so, and I have been waiting for him, but then after doing the math I kinda figured that I don’t necessarily need him considering I mainly run Arts teams, where his buster crit buff is wasted, and for any other situation, having a friend’s Merlin is usually enough. Then I looked at the Caster class based banner, and I realized I would have a decent chance of getting something useful out of it.

The hits would be:
-Waver (obviously)
-Nitocris (for farming purposes, obviously)
-Helena (for her 20% battery)

The “I can work with this, I suppose” tier would be:
-Sanzang (I already have NP2 Beach Nero for a DPS caster, but a ST one with utility is never bad)
-Caster Gil (I have Tamamo, so I don’t really need another arts support, but he looks useful)

The duds would be:
-Alice (don’t really need another AOE DPS caster)
-Edison (I already have gimmicky lion man, and I don’t use him)
-Medea Lily (I already have her at NP4, barely ever used her because I don’t do stall teams)
-Tamamo (I already have her, raising her NP level is useless)
-Scheherazade (useless at the moment)

In short, I have a 50% chance of getting something useful out of the Caster banner. Should I risk it, or should I keep stockpiling for Merlin after all?

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Avoid this banner. Stockpile for Merlin as originally planned. Pull for Waver solo rate up next September, or Sanzang/Waver in April if you can’t wait. Use your 10mill download summoning ticket for Nito or Helena or CasGil as desired.

There are too many duds on this banner for you considering you already have most everything covered, and your Caster roster is so stacked already. CasNero is already good enough to substitute as DPS Caster despite being AoE. Why settle for 50% odds on the SSR when you can get 70-80% odds in the future? Borrow support Waver in the meantime for your battery needs; it won’t be long until the free 4* anyway.

There’s some sort of misconception that Merlin is only for Buster teams. It’s true Hero Creation benefits Busters most, but it still pumps up crits of all types, and Merlin is so absurd that all teams benefit hugely from his presence. There isn’t any team (Arts included) that doesn’t gain from his stars, incredible sustain, and hard defense. Tamamo in comparison is much more limited and even somewhat swappable nowadays.

I will say this about the class banners though; your chances of getting some prized CEs like Kaleidoscope, Black Grail, and 2030 are much, much higher here without any event CEs ruining the odds. I believe the drop rate is 0.235% for each compared to the usual garbage rate of 0.070% on event banners.


Wait for a rate-up. While ‘Rate-up is a lie’ is a meme for a reason, it still gives you better odds for a Servant you want as opposed to equal odds of getting someone you want and getting someone you don’t want.

Also, Merlin isn’t necessarily out of place in an Arts team. Since he has 3 Arts cards, a full Arts team means more Arts Chains. His Hero Creation could still be used since there are quite a few DPS Servants with BAAAQ/BBAAQ decks but with Buster NPs, or BBAAQ decks with Arts NPs. Hero Creation can also be used as a sort of heal (3k is a pretty large amount of HP) and the Crit Buff is never a bad thing to have.

Unless You’re aiming for either Jeannu or Jackky I suggest just avoid this banner…

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This week’s banners are clickbait. Do not roll.

One other thing about Merlin’s Hero Creation is that if the buster or crit dmg buff is secondary, then you can think of it as a 3k heal on a 6 CD. Like someone said, he has great team sustain, because in an Arts team, particularly paired with Tam with her CD reduction, both this and his invincibility (combined with Tam’s NP drain) can mean that he can personally shield the team at least every 6 turns, and maybe even 5, along with having two of his NPs running concurrently generating 2-6k heals and 10% NP charge per turn.

And a double-Merlin team with a DPS can be fun too. I’ve done a CQ like that and had 4-5 GoA’s running at once. It’s pretty wild.

Also, while I’m F2P so unlikely to ever try to get Merlin or Tam above NP1, the extra healing you get from NP levels seems to be quite beneficial, particularly on Tam if you aren’t running with another healer.

BTW, even myself where I have strategized to get all of the caster supports, I have not yet prioritized Helena. I’ve thought about it, and even thought about using the free 4* ticket for her, but she is the one who now seems redundant to me. Her skills are on god-awful CDs, and her rainbow buff isn’t as good as Tam’s arts nor Merlin’s buster–though she’s the only (I think) caster with a quick buff for now. So for me, she kinda lacks a niche.

Save for Merlin, Xuangzang and Waver can spook you one day, anytime.
Helena , Casgil and Nito, you can get one of them from the free 4* ticket we all will get after Nerofest.

Merlin alone is what you need for a buster team even if all your damage dealers are arts. You can always run Mash, Merlin plus a borrowed Gilgamesh/Ishtar/Illya/Jalter/Raikou/Quetzalcoatl even if you don’t have them (odds are you have at least one of these).

Class banners are pretty much only worth it if:

  • You are pursuing a locked R (e.g. Bedivere, CasGilles)
  • You also want more BG/Kscope copies (as the banners lack rate-up SSR CE)
  • You want all/enough of X Class’ units, more so than any individual unit; for example if you wanted Coatl, Ozy, Medb, and Drake, or any three or even two, and similar stuff can be said for the SRs (e.g. wanting Astolfo more than the rest, wherein you’re better off waiting for his next banner here)

Otherwise wait and save for when 1-2 of your favorites are on rate-up. If you want Waver, you’re better off waiting for his next banner with JTTW rerun, and as much can be said for the rest. Plus all three are permanent, on top of Sanzou who is permanent and fantastic, can spook at any point. Keep stockpiling for Merlin for gameplay and/or taste reasons, or other favorites.

E: TBH, personally, even if you did simply want A Rider I’d sooner rec waiting for 1-2 favorites being on rate-up, given this game’s rates and whatnot. Unless you’re a whale I… guess.

Her niche is being able to clear a trash wave for you while buffing the others (with relatively heavy investment). I use her exactly like that during certain Free Quest farms. Her skill CDs are a non-issue in any remotely good 3~5T comp setup, even if I’d also like to see her buffed in some way as a fan of her. Also, a charger is a charger, and she has 4 less Cost than either of those you mentioned.

Granted, she wouldn’t be one of my first GSR choices, but she’d definitely be medium-tier, even as someone with Waver, a bunch of other chargers, and hopefully pulling Merlin soon.

This is why I’ve only ever done more than 10 rolls for Merlin and Tam (got Waver from the Jan GSSR). With your own supports, just about every popular strategy is possible from your friends list. Already saving for Skadi (430 SQ and counting)

Only roll if you are desperately lacking in a certain class and don’t care who you get. If you are hoping for a certain servant, just save for a rate up.

i’ve always wanted Cu Alter. Any idea when will his next summon banner starts ?

He gets a solo rate-up next October when the seventh Interlude Campaign comes out:


nice ! gonna save my Sq for merlin, him and ozzy.

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Question: Are your chances of getting a gold Servant better on class banners, even if you don’t know which? My only gold Lancer is Fionn (excluding Santa Lily), so if I thought I had a good chance of nabbing any gold Lancer with a 10x roll, I’d be tempted to try despite stockpiling quartz for next year. Since a 4 Star card is guaranteed, I’m wondering if class banners weigh that more heavily toward Servants.

Your chances of pulling a gold servant is always the same: 1% for 5* and 3% for 4* servants, regardless of banner or rate up.

The only difference with the class banners is that you cannot be spooked by servants from the general pool. What you see is what you get, even for the 3* s. Which can be good or bad, depending on the servant selection for that particular class and what you’re aiming for.

thats also the funny part the five star servants on banner are not even on rateup it kinda sucks but i went for artoria lancer on todays banner and got her in a few 10 rolls. But i ended up with double vlad and a crapton of ces