Should I roll for Hassan or save for a later event?

I’m fairly new to the game, and as of now my only five star is minamoto no raiko (berserker), and the four stars I have are: Siegfried, berserker of el dorado, archer of inferno, mecha Eli, and saber Halloween Eli. I’m f2p and have enough quartz for 2 10 rolls, plus 10 tickets and was wondering if I should roll in this, roll in the ozymandias pickup, or if I should wait for a rate up for someone else? Thanks for any advice.

Ryougi Shiki (Assassin) is coming in February as a welfare servant, meaning you’ll be able to pick her up for free and obtain five copies. With this in mind, obtaining King Hassan is not necessary from a gameplay standpoint.

While I think he’s quite excellent, you should probably be prioritizing other servants you like more or will provide a more substantial gameplay boost (with no upcoming welfare to take their spot).

It’s ultimately your choice, and it definitely would be great to have him, but the banner is safe to pass up unless you really like him and his design (since he doesn’t have another appearance for at least two years).


Gameplay wise I wouldn’t say you need him, but the fact that he’s not coming back for 2 years minimum might make you wanna pull for him

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Do you like king hassan as a character (not gameplay)? If yes, then go for it. If no, then don’t and save for servants you like.
If you don’t particularly like any servants, I probably wouldn’t roll for him since welfare Shiki will come eventually

Do you like him in some capacity (deck/animations/kit/etc)? Especially to where the e.g. 3 SQ that could go to someone else are inferior to the 3 SQ that could go towards someone else (like Ozy)? Sure.

If not, skip. He’s strong, but the upcoming welfare Shiki can do what he does more easily with her battery and ability to NP spam if you’re just after an Assassin-classed Rider-killer; further notably, she later gets an NP Upgrade, being competitive with multiple SSR in terms of pure NP damage without accounting for special modifiers (eg. you need NP2+ ElderLi to deal comparable NP vs NP damage). Plus she’s, well, free.

Gramps for his part, is most renowned as a soloist (h/t to Wodan and Sounen for their regularly showcasing his bonkers potential staying power), given his bulky and self-sustaining kit. He’s a rare “gorilla”/triple Buster non-Berserker unit, meaning his basic attacks will be dealing higher than usual damage - especially if boosted with everyone’s favorite wizard - but it also means he necessarily doesn’t play as well in a group as other Assassins might (e.g. Shiki, Cleopatra, Ozy). Although, he’s virtually always an entirely selfish unit anyway, just by design. (Also worth noting if you specifically care about the solo shenanigans, unless you want and are willing to gun for your own high NP KH, you can replicate that via the Support System.)

Ultimately, no SSR is necessary to roll for if you want to simply complete the game (even if supports, particularly notable ones like Waver, are great to have), so the typical adage of all adages with this game is “roll for your favorites,” whatever exactly that entails for you. Well, that and “The gacha sucks, expect the worst.,” but it’s pretty close. If no one catches your eye, then just don’t roll, not like anyone is swimming in SQ unless they’ve saved up a long time and/or put a lot of money into the game.