Should i roll for Nero Bride or Musashi?

Hi. Since both of them are amazing servants (and waifus) i can’t decide for myself.
I need a good ST saber and need some advice of which of them would fill better in my rooster.
Already have 530 quartz.
These are my SSRs:
Saber: Mordred
Archer:Orion, Ishtar
Caster:DaVinci, Nero, Waver,Tamamo,Merlin
Berserker:Raikou,Cu alter, Nightingale,Hijikata.

Also i will roll for Ozzy, King Hassan and Eresh when they come.
Please help me to decide.

Damn son, that’s a nice line up. How many days has it been since you started playing? Depending on your answer, you might be considered an A rank luck

I’m jealous over here


Regarding the previous question, go for Musashi. Best ST Saber, even better than Okita


You have the tools to make any of them shine, so roll for whoever you like the most, be it character-wise or gameplay-wise.

I despise Nero, but I think Bride is the best ST Saber in the game, and has more versatility as she can play the role of main DPS or an additional support.


Although AoE, you already have a burster saber in Mordred. So I think you would be better served with Nero Bride as a ST saber.

Not only that but Nero is a hybrid support unit who can aid you in more overall team comps with her buffs.

That said, musashi is more damage and having both Tama and Merlin you are well situated to support either one. So you can’t go wrong either way!


For arts teams Bride would be useful. She has her use in Nerofest as well.
Personally have a grailed Musashi, really love her damage output in running comps with Merlin.


Musashi for damage, piercing invulnerabillity and removing buffs with her NP, which if you think about it are just tools that let her do her damage unimpeded and Bride for support I guess.


Don’t forget to mention she can be invulnerable with her third skill and can remove her debuffs.

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I usually get more usage out of my Musashi than my Bride. I typically sell out completely on supports over going with a hybrid like Bride and I don’t often rely on Bride to be my DPS.

Musashi can do a lot of damage to a lot of things, even more so with a Merlin or two. I ran Musashi on prison tower CQ and it was a breeze. Bride for sure has her uses though, her targetable buffs can be used on team members or her self. A decent amount of arts comps call for Bride though.

It’s a win win, really. Maybe pick your play style and roll. I don’t care to run a lot of arts comps, so Bride doesn’t see a ton of usage. Someone who likes arts probably uses their Bride a whole bunch in comparison.

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Bride is way more useful. Not only as an Arts damage dealer but because of the NP Gain+NP charge buff enables Arts Systems, Paracelsus is her budget replacement but the damage will be lower.

Musashi is kinda meh, a triple buster stick with no star absorption, never been buffed. She’s a solid candidate for worst 5* ST Saber. You can roll for Summer BB later on and make her do this:

That’s her main strenght, her Arts card can be pretty sick…it’s a shame she only has 1, BB helps with that issue.

True , she can survive a hairy situation without relying on support, she’d be the only one left standing though :smiley:

Whichever one you like more as a waifu.

Gameplay wise, my Musashi seems to get more up time. I find Bride kind of bleh in terms of gameplay. I’ve never understood hybrid units. To me hybrids are compromises, and when you compromise, everyone loses.

Arguably, I don’t run arts often enough to exploit bride.

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You can’t go wrong with musashi whereas bride you can do the same stuff with others supports.

You don’t usually want to use Bride as a support, but as DPS. She just has the OPTION to be support.

Her instant burst doesn’t quite match Musashi’s, but once she gets her engine going, she’s really degenerate. 5 turn debuffs are rather dumb, especially when you can refund your NP pretty easily to stack them, and each one further increasing your damage (unless you hit the 100% defense debuff cap).


The only unit capable of doing what Bride does for Arts systems is Paracelsus. She’s also extremely used for Hokusai’s madness.

As a damage dealer she’s okay, Beni is better at that.

Well I did’nt really try bride but if what you said is true she can np spam like archuria? Guess I need to conduct some experiments.

Bride doesn’t NP loop but she can help others do it, as a support.

You don’t really need anything crazy for her to loop, just crit chains and an enemy to survive NP/another enemy on the field after NP hits. I remember seeing a video of her looping with Caster Eli and Tama.

Found it. They get some really solid RNG to keep the chain going but I can’t say I was aware of this usage of Bride. The video uses Formal Craft on her too, I think I remember seeing you have like 78 MLB Kscopes, gotta have at least 1 MLB Formal Craft I would imagine.


You mean 5. Anyway thanks for the feedback.


Oh you are so mistaken. I have had her np up and ready to use 3 turns in a row and that was before I maxed her skills!

She can’t np loop as well as Archuria because she doesn’t get as good a np refund, but with buffs up she is almost guaranteed to be at 100% np by the next turn following a NP-A-A brave chain.

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That’s actually interesting, are there any particular conditions to meet for that? I’m a bit hooked on the np looping idea since I got Mordred from the summer event (riding the wave from turn 1 to 3 is cool). I tried looking it up on the gp simulator but she didn’t go over 76% refund, do you need crits mixed in or other buffs other than the one from Tamamo?