Should i roll for X servant thread (All Welcome)

We get a lot of threads asking if X servant is worth rolling for. Since i feel a need to do one of my own i figured why not try and turn it into a community thread where everyone can ask and get answers on this sort of thing. And hopefully trim down similar threads on the front page of the forum a tad in the process.

Mine is: is it worth rolling for rider mordred. I don’t really have any interest in anything else on the banner and Santa Alter plus drake give me good multi-target rider options, but she would be useful as another rider that can self charge and i’ve heard she’s really useful in challenge quests and some future event farms. Also i like mordred as a character, she’s so daaaaw. Was easily my favorite part of london.

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surmo’s an absolutely phenomenal np looper (is my only dps for doors farming, that just nps 3 times in a row with some outside arts/np gen buff support), but damage isn’t all that hot in my experience

though if you have no interest in anything else, just wait for the solo day to roll. tamalancer won’t interfere with surmo showing up any, since the rate up numbers are separate across rarities


surfer mo is one of the if not the best choice for a lottery node in the upcoming Nerofest where with some outside help (and her first and 3rd skills leveled) she can np loop herself. The best part is it’s possible to do this at np1. I don’t have the video but in the nerofest degen farming thread someone linked of vid of Nero 3 turning it

Also you said it yourself you like her character and to me that’s reason enough alone to roll

Surfmo needs a Tamamo and a Para(after his 3rd skill strengthen) to loop effectively. Still, she’s a cute girl and can help you farm doors. Go for it sis.

Other than Paracelsus, at same rarity queen red-head also works, as does 4* admin Gilgamesh.

I’m saving up for sanzang rate up but if there is a gameplaywise-must-roll in this summer let me know.
I lack cavaraly-extra-lancer SR