Should i save my sq or roll bb summer?

So i just roll dantes and got him and my sq 90 left should i roll bb summer or just save it for another banner?

Your odds of getting her are pretty low, but not inexistent. How much do you want her, and are there any upcoming servants that you want to start saving for that could make use that sq better?

I’d roll for her, but Summer BB is my highest priority unit rn. (Not counting the big 4 support Casters)

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Gameplaywise, Summer BB is not very valuable. So only roll for her if you like her character.


BB is a Bride Tier support that allows a very high amount of strategies that keeps on diversifying themselves with later servants introduction and updates.

She is very valuable but, same as bride, unless you see/understand her use there’s no need to roll for her “now”. In fact her last banner on new year 2022 has one of the strongest CEs available. so, if possible, I’d wait until then to make a more efficient roll if there’s no urgency on your side. Furthermore she gets a whole lot stronger with Artoria Ruler and even more after the later strengthening the same year.

For a small idea of what you can expect :

Which craft essence? The one that grants invulnerability pierce?

4* crit stars

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Oh, really? I am a bit on the new side, so I am not seeing how that is really strong. But thanks for the heads up.

It’s something very useful for boss fights, CQ and even farming sometimes. And 4* cost is very important in these contexts. It becomes more obvious when you reach the point where you use taunt CEs (or well, wish you were there when Taunt CEs were available)

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BB is consistently overrated in the fandom. As others have said, she’s a tool for winning even more.

Unless you’re going to whale and grail her, she won’t be a great neutral damage nuke.

If you want her for her gimmick, keep in mind that her strategy is to freeze good RNG in place. This fails when you don’t experience a good RNG result when desired and also when face cards aren’t very relevant to your strategy.

Unless you like her character, she’s quite the investment for a niche gimmick. Bride is far more universal since she’s a key Servant in many looping strategies applicable both to farming and to CQ-type scenarios.


Yeah, BBikini is a fun toy to play with, not a tool to rely on. She’s nowhere near Bride’s level, I think it’s a bit hyperbolic to even compare them.

That being said, she seems really fun, and power isn’t always necessary (after all, you have Dantes for that).

It’s probably irrelevant, though, because your chances of pulling an SSR with 90sq is very low. I’d suggest that, if you need to ask if an SSR is worth rolling for, you shouldn’t roll.


I don’t know if that’s a GOOD reason to roll for Summer BB but it’s ONE reason XD

starts around 1’30


What a madman!

Long answer: Sakura face

Short answer: Bikini

My analyze is done.

90 SQ? Don’t expect good results unless you whale. Save them for another banners.


Lost me here

In my opinion, always roll for love first. If you love a character, roll for that character. Love can mean different things to different players, though. Some may love a servant’s gameplay, some may love a servant’s character. So, if you love BB, roll for her. If not, save your quartz for your next target.

I want BB because I started after the SERAPH event and don’t want to wait until next year for my welfare Moon Cancer. I like having at least one full type advantage servant in story and challenge quests.

I agree the resources she’ll need are expensive and my real target is MHXX anyway. I don’t have a Foreigner and I’m confident I can consistently borrow a support Abby or Hokusai.

If I get BB while rolling for MHXX, great. If not, I’ll wait until I get Bunnytoria and whale to get both on NP2+ and then whine about my lack of mats and QP because that’s probably also when I’ll finally get Merlin and he’ll need mats and QP also. :fgo_buster:

Damn, I hope I accidentally get her this year so I can spread out the in-game poverty a little bit… :fgo_nitocry:

I’d say, “I need a Mooncancer” is probably the worst possible reason to roll for BB. Seriously, nobody ‘needs’ a Mooncancer, it’s a pretty weak class. It only has advantage against Avengers, and those are fairly rare, and also generally pretty easy to beat, as they lack relevant class advantage, themselves.


I haven’t even made it through all of the Pseudo-singularities yet. I started playing in mid-April, so there are plenty of holes in my lineup. They might as well be filled while I get one of each class.

I beat Lostbelt 1, but I’m only a quarter through 2 because of back to back to back events. Borrowed BBs have made the difference more than once against Avengers for me.

Summer BB is a good solid servant but she isn’t anything great. She has a nice utility to dispell RNG on what facecards you get BUT that utility is pretty much only for situations that there isn’t much chance of losing regardless.

Her biggest draw back is that she is an AoE extra class servant. She won’t really have but one or two times where she will be class advantaged (Passionlip interlude being one of them) and will hit pretty softly without outside support. If she was ST she probably have more use as an Avenger boss killer, but being AoE she won’t be one shotting any avenger bosses without a LOT of help.

Really, I would only recommend drawing for her if either a) You love the character or b) there is some other servant on the banner you really want or need and take her as a bonus if she comes as well.