Should I skip Epic of Remnant for now?

Just finished Salomon today, after 814 days :smiley: So, I’m wondering if there’s anything missing and that the story makes sense if I skip straight to Cosmos in the Lostbelt and come back to Epic of Remnant later on?

Edit: Also, how long do each of the Epic of Remnant and Cosmos in the Lostbelt chapters take?

If you want to get Gray then I recomend that :+1:

There will be a few scenes and character appearances in the LBs that may make you go “huh? where did they come from?” if you haven’t seen their first appearances in EoR.
But strictly from a story perspective, I think only some very short scenes from Shimosa have some real main plot relevance, and even that is just some fore-shadowing. I guess some scenes from the other EoR chapters could be counted as foreshadowing as well, but it’s very subtle.

With Case Files looming, I think skipping EoR for now and doing the LBs first is the better choice.


I’ll assume you’ll be using apples to finish each Epic of Remnants or Lostbelts. Otherwise on natural AP, each EoR or LB should take about 5-7 days.

The Epic of Remnants stories can be completed in a day or two if you’re dedicated to finishing them. I’ve only completed Shinjuku and Agartha; Shinjuku is hard because of one angry doggo but everything should be fine. Agartha is easier except for the chunky beserker fights but its not too bad compared to Shinjuku.

I’ve only read this about the final two so here are my two cents.
Shimosa can be hard with forced Story support on certain fights. So you’ll have to use your own roster for tougher fights. Salem is easier than the other epic of Remnants except for the final boss which can get tricky.

Lostblets 1 and 2 might take 2-3 days each if you have an undeveloped roster or lack proper single target units for boss fights. Otherwise, you can speed by them quickly with good support or units.
Lostbelt 3 is in a whole other level of difficult and will wipe your team out if you’re not fully prepared. I’d give it 5 days, if you’re team is not upgraded and a minimum 2 days because those boss fights are just crazy.

Good luck and may your adventures go smoothly. :fgo_jeannecheer:

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The only two important ones are Shinjuku (because they mention it every time something similar to a pseudo singularity happen) and Shimousa, but they (specially Shimousa) are harder then part one and the first 3 Lostbelts so i would recommend it if you think that you aren’t ready.
And you need to end LB 3 i think to play case fields so go for the Lostbelts and then come back to those two when you have enough free time

Shimousa is basically set up for chapter 5.5
Which is. A main story chapter

And salem is setup for 4.5 which while an event
Is still kinda Important

Shinjuku formally introduces holmes into the team as well

I recommend finishing both Lostbelts cuz the Case files event is coming and just finish the prolong of the lb3 to receive a 10 extra sq and for you join the upcoming event.
After that you can go back to EoR for more sq and open up farming sites that are only on EoR.

Skip EOR. Rush LBs simply because plenty of events are locked behind LBs

plenty of events

literally only 1 event left, 2 if u count reruns left
that are lockked behind lostbelts

And? those “small amount” of events come with grails,lores and easy mats. Skipping an event is almost never reasonable if only for those 3 things

and u still dont need to rush
if they rush, they cant deal with case files anyways cause its one of the hardest events in the game

and oniland is like 5 months away

its better that they dont rush and instead take their time building up their party,
DOing EoR and all of that

only person gonna suffer if they rush LB now is op

IIRC, EoR 1+2 are fairly long, Shimousa is fairly hard (harder than LB1+2, IMO) and Salem has lots of text to read.

If all of FGO was an anime, EoR would definitely be considered filler. It’s not bad and a very small amount of scenes have some main plot relevance, but not to a degree worth skipping an event over or requiring to read EoR before the LBs.

If the OP wants to participate in Case Files, they have to prioritize the LBs, especially if they want to get as much out of the GUDA rerun as possible on top of that as well.

Also, LB2 in particular is fairly short, so it wouldn’t be that much of a rush.

And since the OP has over 800 days in the game already, I’m not so sure if their line-up is so weak that they need to “take their time building up their party” anymore. Rather, even if they’re F2P, they should be prepared enough by now.