Should I start my Zephiel project? (Poll)

Although I have 6 Zephiels, I haven’t started building him up yet. I’ve been focused on giving Rebecca Brave Bow+, which I did. But now I’m nearing 20,000 Feathers again, and I don’t know what to do. I can either make Zephiel 5* and start working on him, or my Rebecca +1, make my Fir +5, or make Haar 5*. What should I do?

  • Start on Zephiel
  • Merge Fir
  • Merge Rebecca
  • Make Haar 5*

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I’d make a poll, but… I don’t want polls to get annoying with you guys.

If you dont have any other merge projects, then go ahead.

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I do have other merge projects. That’s my point, that’s why I’m conflicted. I have a Fir and Rebecca project too, so that’s why I asked.

My name is Krazytre, and I approve this message.

It’s better to focus on one, at most two projects, at a time.

You know what? I’ll make a poll… I know, I know, there is an oversaturation if them, but it’s the only way I can decide.

One sec…

May the poll drama begin.

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@Krazytre I only included Rebecca cause I’m working on her and cause I want to see her +1 with a blue background lmao. It bugs me when that’s not there and I can’t get it there. And Rebecca would be better, which she needs.