Should I summon on the Mirabilis and More Banner or Not?

I’ve been contemplating summoning on this banner (I haven’t yet; I usually summon on the last day of banners) because 120-150 orbs for a guaranteed Mythic is a really good and tempting deal. Problem is, I want to summon on the Legendary banner for Time’s Pulse fodder also, and I don’t know if I have enough orbs for both (235 currently). I know Mira is on the L!Banner, but I’m only going to summon until I get a Sothis (meaning I might end up getting no Mira(s) and probably should have summoned on her debut banner, or I might end up getting Mira(s) before Sothis making it relatively pointless for me to have summoned on her debut banner).

Summary/TLDR Basically, this a question of which way I should “expect” RNG to go on the L!Banner: Should I expect to get Sothis before Mira and summon on Mira’s debut banner, or should I expect to get Mira(s) before Sothis and not summon on Mira’s debut banner? I know you can’t really expect RNG to go a certain way, but what would you guys do? (It would be so much easier to choose if Mira’s banner didn’t end before the L!Banner started.) I have 235 orbs right now.

  • Summon on the Mirabilis and More Banner
  • Don’t summon on the Mirabilis and More Banner

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Thanks in advance!

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Bit of a tough call, seeing as the next earliest Time’s Pulse banner we know of is at the end of September with Lif. While Lysithea exists in normal pools now, we have no indication that she’ll be on a banner anytime soon.

It really comes down to what you need more right now: Time’s Pulse or Anima Mythic.

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Go for the Legendary one, IMO. It has both units you want. The three-way color sharing will suck, but you’re at least looking for 2 out of the 3.

With 200 orbs, you can likely get 2 focus, 3+ if you’re lucky.


Unless you also really want Close Call or Joint Drive Spd fodder I’d go with the Legendary banner :feh_birbpeek:


Very tough to know for sure what to do. Biggest question is how much do you need a guaranteed Mirabilis? Also, have you used your 10 free pulls yet? If you haven’t, this could be tempting to go 130 in or so to guarantee Mirabilis and possibly get another/Say’ri, and then there’s are you just sniping reds or are you going blue too?

If you are going blue and red, like I did, and you have the tickets and haven’t used them, then idk I’d almost go Mirabilis and then try your luck with beginning July orbs, challenge orbs, etc before the legendary is over.

But again the question is, do you need Mirabilis? If the question is no (as in you already have 1-2 Anima mythics), or if you’ve already used your free free pulls (meaning the rest of the circles aren’t discounted) then perhaps summoning on the legendary for Time’s pulse is better.

There is no right answer, just which is the best choice given your priorities.

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Very much agree with this. Are all 8/9 free summons left to use? If not, then I’d go legendary. Just really depends on how much you need Mirabilis and Time’s Pulse.

Though I wouldn’t recommend sacking Sothis being a dark mythic, but that depends if you have the other dark mythics, or a very stable dark team already.

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Thanks for the replies, guys! Also, sorry for the late reply on my part. I went to sleep after creating the post.

@SafCar I actually already have a Líf. I want to give Time’s Pulse to Kiria, however; and she can’t use Distant Counter, which is why I’m hesitant to fodder him to her. So, while that is a long wait, it would be even longer because I would most likely wait for Sothis’s return.

I would need two copies of Lysithea before I decide to fodder one (she just seems really good, and I feel like it’d be worthwhile to keep one). Besides, she’s the only unit with Lull Spd/Res (I think), meaning I’m not sure foddering her for Time’s Pulse is a good idea.

@SafCar @Kelekod

That’s really hard to answer; I’m not quite sure. On the one hand, I’d be able to finish a 5* exclusive merge project (F2P); and on the other hand, I’d be able start making a competent Anima Defense, meaning less Lift Loss…

@Annie_May While I wouldn’t mind getting L!Seliph (he has good fodder if nothing else), he is the one I want least. So, you’re right that the odds on that banner do look pretty good for me.

@Banini If I did summon on that banner, I was planning on sniping red. I kinda wanted Say’ri (because I like fast infantry swords), but I’m not sure I really need her for use. I originally wanted to summon explicitly for her, but my priorities kinda shifted to Mira over time. Having Close Call fodder on hand (if I get multiple Say’ri) is never bad though.

@We_like_Ike @Kelekod

I’m not sure I really “need” her. I mean, I’ve been doing fairly well in AR even without a Defense. She would help me do better though and cause me to lose less lift. I do have a Líf.

I have not. I still have the free summon and the nine tickets.

I was planning on sniping red. Is this a bad idea? I wouldn’t mind Anna, so I can snipe blue too if that would be better if I end up summoning. I just thought sniping red would be better to increase chances of getting Say’ri/Mirabilis.

@Kelekod I already have a Sothis, which is why I wanted another for fodder. I could have two Sothis, but I would rather keep one and use the other for Time’s Pulse. I do not have other Dark Mythics yet though and have not really worked on building a Dark Defense yet (not really sure why; I should probably get around to that).

Hm you’ve thought through this well and it really just comes down to orb scarcity (what decisions done…) and best use of your F2P stash. So AR is fun, and yes another mythic would help reduce some lift and get a little bit more rewards at the end of a season. I admit that since I’ve revamped my defences, and seem pretty much a stream of successes now every season, it’s very rewarding. I also know that finishing Micaiah, my first +10 exclusive, and giving her the best goodies was even more rewarding - for me, that is. So when you say finishing, are you talking about Kiria or whoever being fully merged or about your merge project having all the skills you want her to have?

Because this game isn’t always about making the “best” decisions but making decisions that bring you the most joy, which decision - getting Mirabilis or trying for Sothis and possibly getting others as well or instead - would do that for you?

And yes, if you choose to go on the Mirabilis banner, sniping just red probably is best if you don’t need Anna or her fodder, to give you the most chances up to Mirabilis.

The other question is, if you got her before the spark 40, would you stop or keep going?

Another option would be to summon on the legendary and use your 10 free pulls on the Mirabilis one to try for her at least. Again, many routes you could take.

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Ok, so after further thought I put myself in your shoes, and I kind of am cuz I also have a Sothis and a Lif but really need Time’s Pulse too and don’t want to fodder Lif cuz range units can’t use DC.

So if I was in your shoes, I would probably use my 10 free tickets on reds and call it a day, and pull on the legendary banner sniping reds in hopes of Sothis and Mirabilis. Because to me, using your one Lif on Anima defence does now and not getting Mirabilis is the same as not getting Sothis and getting Mirabilis, and then sacking your Lif cuz you really wanted time’s pulse. But Lif has better value going to someone who could use DC.

So that’s actually what I would do.

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Based on what I’m seeing, I think Time’s Pulse is harder to acquire specifically. Sounds like you wouldn’t be happy with Seliph. Snipping on a legendary banner is never a reasonable option, especially if you do not want all 3 targets. You’d have to consider the idea you may not get either Sothis or Mirabilis in the orbs that you have. But for Mirabilis, you are able to secure one from the spark, and possibly another wanted target Say’ri.

The orbs to me feel better spent securing the Mirabilis on Awakening banner, and then if you still have a solid stash (like getting Mirabilis early/on tickets) going after Time’s Pulse. Sniping on the Legendary banner just seems like a good candidate for a salt post when you show off a +2 Seliph or something (or just a 12% pity rate or something). Red is also the hardest color to snipe since the pool is the largest.


I guess, both. I already have all the copies I need to max merge her. Time’s Pulse is the last skill I need to complete her build.

I feel like summoning for Mirabilis is the smart thing to do just because of orb cost. Knowing that I won’t be getting Time’s Pulse for a long time if not now is really convincing me to prioritize Sothis though. Besides, I feel like it would be pretty upsetting to summon on Mira’s banner, get her, and then get her again on the L!Banner. Although, it would be kinda sad to not get her at all. Finishing Kiria would be such a huge accomplishment; and the more I think about it, after everything you’ve said, I’m leaning toward just using the free summons.

Depends on how fast I get her. If I were to get her in about the first 15 summons, I’d probably stop. If I were to get her around 25 summons, I’d probably keep going. Between those two numbers, I’m not sure what I’d do.

And what @Kelekod said above definitely makes sense. It’s really quite hard to decide what best to do. If you’re about guarantees, the only one you know you for sure have is the spark Mirabilis. Over that you could pull a lot or nothing on the legendary banner with your orbs.


I wouldn’t absolutely hate getting L!Seliph, but you’re right that I would be pretty disappointed. He seems somewhat useful though as a pair-up Legendary though; and besides, he does have Distant Counter and Joint Hone Def if nothing else, so he wouldn’t be completely useless.

Ouch, yeah, that would really hurt; but I don’t know how else to get Time’s Pulse. Honestly, I’m just low-key hoping this banner goes like last month’s when I averaged 53 orbs per 5* and only pulled L!Eliwood (who I wanted least on red) once out of 10 5*'s. I know I should probably keep expectations low though.

I completely agree that the Awakening banner is much more orb-efficient, however. I’m just wondering if I were to spark Mirabilis and then get her again on L!Banner. Of course, I might just end up with Seliph. If I do spark her, the L!Banner would be extremely unappealing though. It would leave me with a 1/3 instead 2/3 chance of getting what I want.

If I’m unable to make a definitive choice by the time it’s three hours before reset, I’m just going to go with the majority vote on the poll. Both sides make a lot of sense, so it’s kinda hard to choose one over the other.

I mean the risk/reward is always there. You could get both. You could get one. Then there’s still the chance of not getting either red target. Just speaking from in terms of cost and effective use, you can control getting Mirabilis now. We won’t know when she will reappear until the banner launches - same with Sothis. Which unfortunately won’t be until like October at the earliest.

I mean it’s ultimately up to you, and just need to be happy with whatever you get. Don’t let previous banners trick you into thinking that prior success means future success.

I had really wanted/needed Mirabilis and took her on the spark (did get a Say’ri as well). Initially this banner seemed more skipable from the green/colorless being garbage shoots. But I was likely just going to do like 2 full circles and call it a day. Blue is very hot for me, but I don’t have the orbs to make sniping worth it. Red is also pretty good too as Mirabilis could use an IV/merge and need a merge on Sothis too (curse that speed bane).

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If you have the free tickets still, try for Mira on those. You might be lucky (I got 3 Mira’s with tickets only)

If not, legendary banner has a 2/3 chance to get either.

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Okay, so I know the Awakening banner is over, but I just wanted to let you guys know what happened because it’s really ironic (and because you guys cared enough to help so I figured you’d might want to know how it turned out). So, I decided to only use my free summons on the Awakening banner (mostly because of the poll) and ended up getting a Keaton (no Mirabilis but still pretty good). L!Banner drops, and I decide to summon. Well, look who decides to show up in 9 orbs:


Seriously, starting to regret not trying for Mirabilis. I know these are good results, but I can’t help but have regrets about the fact that I could have gotten Mira so easily as well. I never thought I’d say this, but I seriously underestimated my luck.


Well congrats on the Sothis! Good luck getting Mirabilis, unless you aren’t spending on this banner. Hopefully you can get a Mirabilis too. I really felt you should have secured Mirabilis while you had the chance, as it will always be random chance now unless she appears on a Hero Fest or some other random special banner.

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Yeah, you were right. Seeing how things turned out, I should’ve gone for Mirabilis when I had the chance. I don’t plan on spending any more on this banner. I did originally because I wanted 2/3 of the reds, and that was enough to justify spending. I can’t justify 1/3 though. I guess I’ll just have to wait for Mira to return with more suitable red focus units. On the bright side, I did end up saving a lot of orbs and can continue to save even more.